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Low Mid-Proterozoic atmospheric oxygen levels and the delayed rise of animals
Low oxygen limited the rise of animals Oxygen levels in Earth's early atmosphere had an important influence on the evolution of complex life. Planavsky et al. analyzed the isotopic signature ofExpand
Environmentalism and NIMBYism in China: promoting a rules-based approach to public participation
Public participation is key to effective environmental governance, yet in China the public's role has been limited. Since 2002, China's environmental authorities have promulgated legislation thatExpand
Investigating the Sensitivity of U.S. Streamflow and Water Quality to Climate Change: U.S. EPA Global Change Research Program’s 20 Watersheds Project
AbstractThe U.S. EPA’s Global Change Research Program (GCRP) recently began an effort to address gaps in the current knowledge of the sensitivity of U.S. streamflow, nutrient (nitrogen andExpand
National Strategy for Combating Terrorism
Modeling Streamflow and Water Quality Sensitivity to Climate Change and Urban Development in 20 U.S. Watersheds
Watershed modeling in 20 large, United States (U.S.) watersheds addresses gaps in our knowledge of streamflow, nutrient (nitrogen and phosphorus), and sediment loading sensitivity to mid-21st CenturyExpand
Routine genotyping of human papillomavirus samples in Denmark
In order to examine a sensitive unbiased consensus PCR with routine sequencing for HPV typing, we analysed Danish male and female patients suspected of having an HPV infection. We used theExpand
Living under the dome: Individual strategies against air pollution in Beijing
Although poor air quality has been a fact of life for millions of Chinese citizens for at least two decades, individual actions to alleviate the impact of air pollution are a more recent phenomenon.Expand
Assessment of low impact development for managing stormwater with changing precipitation due to climate change
Abstract Evidence suggests that built environments will need to function under climatic conditions different from the recent past. Observed warming temperatures and changes in precipitation alreadyExpand
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We are pleased to announce the winners of the prizes offered by the Newcomen Society in North America for the best articles published in the Business History Review during 1978. The First Prize ofExpand