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The Determinants of Planned Retirement Age
This paper develops and estimates a model of planned retirement age that views the retirement decision as depending partially on individual tastes and opportunities--reflected in retirementExpand
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A Survey of Management Training and Education Practices in U.S. Companies.
A survey was systematically developed to assess issues related to management training and education, and it was sent to 1,000 randomly selected U.S. companies with at least 1,000 employees. Based onExpand
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Effects of Unemployment Insurance Work-Search Requirements: The Maryland Experiment
This paper describes findings from a 1994 experimental evaluation of alternative work-search requirements in the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program. Requiring additional employer contacts orExpand
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Experimental Evidence on Unemployment Insurance Work-Search Policies
This paper describes findings from an experimental evaluation of alternative work-search policies in the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program. We find that the no work-search treatment significantlyExpand
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Does Job Corps Work? Summary of the National Job Corps Study. Summary Report.
Summarizes the main findings from a series of other reports on the study. Concludes that centers deliver comprehensive and consistent services. Furthermore, Job Corps makes a meaningful difference inExpand
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Dynamic Hours of Work Functions for Husbands, Wives, and Single Females
Hours of work equations are derived from the constrained maximization of a utility function that is not separable over time and that varies with a household's demographic structure. These equationsExpand
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Additional Evidence on the Effects of Alternative Taxes on Cigarette Prices
  • T. Johnson
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  • Journal of Political Economy
  • 1 April 1978
In a recent paper, Barzel (1976) argues that if product quality is allowed to adjust then the effect of various types of taxes on the price of a commodity differs from that suggested by conventionalExpand
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Promoting energy conservation: An analysis of behavioral research
This book reviews and analyzes the past ten years of research on changing the energy-related behavior of individuals. It reviews the results of about 200 studies and presents them in a form usable byExpand
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This paper provides estimates of the impact of CETA programs on participants' postprogram earnings using matched comparison groups developed from a "nearest-neighbor" matching technique. Our basicExpand
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