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Caring Fathers
In this article, we explore Swedish men's relations to fatherhood in general and in particular to the new ideal of the caring and present father. We argue that the image of contemporary hegemonicExpand
Fatherhood in Transition: Paternity Leave and Changing Masculinities
Here, Swedish men's relations to the new ideal and image of the caring and present father are explored. It is argued that the dominant image of contemporary masculinity and fatherhood is changing.Expand
Hegemonic Masculinity and Pornography: Young People's Attitudes toward and Relations to Pornography
This article explores young people's attitudes toward pornographic material. How do young people in general relate to and view pornography? Are there any clear gender differences? On the basis ofExpand
The Normativity of the Concept of Heteronormativity
The aim of the article is to analyze and to critically examine use of the concept of heteronormativity. We find it important to adjust the concept to some extent in order to analyze, for example,Expand
Gendered spaces: The gym culture and the construction of gender
In late modern societies, the body has become a project. The reflexivity of the self also gradually extends to the body; the body is, therefore, drawn into the narcissistic pursuit of the selfExpand
The Fitness Revolution. Historical Transformations in the Global Gym and Fitness Culture
Abstract Today, fitness gyms and private health clubs are a huge global business. Fitness has turned into a folk movement, but not one comparable to the old 20th-century movements, often connected toExpand
Homosociality: In Between Power and Intimacy
The concept of homosociality describes and defines social bonds between persons of the same sex. It is, for example, frequently used in studies on men and masculinities, there defined as a mechanismExpand
The art of becoming ‘Swedish’: Immigrant youth, school careers and life plans
When discussing barriers to integration, we often focus on language skills, cultural capital, supportive environments and other more obvious, distinct and material aspects that have an impact onExpand
Critical Social Work – Considerations and Suggestions
Social work is often described as socially oriented, politically sensitive and as taking a critical approach to ‘social problems’. However, recently we have seen how this self-image has lost ground.Expand