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Multiple Model Approaches to Modelling and Control
1. Basic Principles: The Operating Regime Approach 2. Modelling: Fuzzy Set Methods for Local Modelling Identification 3. Modelling of Electrically Stimulated Muscle 4. Process Modelling Using aExpand
Control allocation - A survey
We survey control allocation algorithms for over-actuated mechanical systems with a redundant set of effectors and actuators. Expand
An algorithm for multi-parametric quadratic programming and explicit MPC solutions
We study the properties of the polyhedral partition of the state space induced by the multi-parametric piecewise affine solution and propose a new mp-QP solver that avoids unnecessary partitioning and QP problem solving. Expand
Evaluation of piecewise affine control via binary search tree
We present an algorithm for generating a binary search tree that allows efficient computation of piecewise affine (PWA) functions defined on a polyhedral partition. Expand
Constructing NARMAX models using ARMAX models
This paper outlines how it is possible to decompose a complex non-linear modelling problem into a set of simpler linear modelling problems. Local ARMAX models valid within certain operating regimesExpand
On the interpretation and identification of dynamic Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy models
We show that there exists a close relationship between dynamic Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy models and dynamic linearization when using affine local model structures, which suggests that a solution to the multiobjective identification problem exists. Expand
Gain-scheduled wheel slip control in automotive brake systems
A wheel slip controller is developed and experimentally tested in a car equipped with electromechanical brake actuators and a brake-by-wire system. Expand
A Survey of Control Allocation Methods for Ships and Underwater Vehicles
A survey of control allocation methods for overactuated marine vessels are presented. Expand
Hardware Synthesis of Explicit Model Predictive Controllers
We report hardware synthesis results for this type of PWL control, and show that explicit MPC solutions can be implemented in an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) with about 20 000 gates, leading to computation times in the microsecond scale. Expand
Ship Collision Avoidance and COLREGS Compliance Using Simulation-Based Control Behavior Selection With Predictive Hazard Assessment
This paper describes a concept for a collision avoidance system for ships, which is based on model predictive control. Expand