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The bridge test for sampling narrow passages with probabilistic roadmap planners
Probabilistic roadmap (PRM) planners have been successful in path planning of robots with many degrees of freedom, but narrow passages in a robot's configuration space create significant difficultyExpand
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Vulnerability and protection for distributed consensus-based spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks
Cooperative spectrum sensing is key to the success of cognitive radio networks. Recently, fully distributed cooperative spectrum sensing has been proposed for its high performance benefitsExpand
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Deep Survival: A Deep Cox Proportional Hazards Network
Previous research has shown that neural networks can model survival data in situations in which some patients' death times are unknown, e.g. right-censored. However, neural networks have rarely beenExpand
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Narrow passage sampling for probabilistic roadmap planning
Probabilistic roadmap (PRM) planners have been successful in path planning of robots with many degrees of freedom, but sampling narrow passages in a robot's configuration space remains a challengeExpand
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Simulating human saccadic scanpaths on natural images
Human saccade is a dynamic process of information pursuit. Based on the principle of information maximization, we propose a computational model to simulate human saccadic scanpaths on natural images.Expand
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Employer‐brand equity, organizational attractiveness and talent management in the Zhejiang private sector, China
Purpose – This paper seeks to clarify the process that leads employees and prospective applicants to be attracted to remain with the organization or apply for a job offer in private companies inExpand
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Unsupervised Ensemble Learning with Dependent Classifiers
In unsupervised ensemble learning, one obtains predictions from multiple sources or classifiers, yet without knowing the reliability and expertise of each source, and with no labeled data to assessExpand
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Workforce Management in Periodic Delivery Operations
Service quality and driver efficiency in the delivery industry may be enhanced by increasing the regularity with which a driver visits the same set of customers. However, effectively managing aExpand
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Quality Assessment for Comparing Image Enhancement Algorithms
As the image enhancement algorithms developed in recent years, how to compare the performances of different image enhancement algorithms becomes a novel task. In this paper, we propose a framework toExpand
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MIMO-based jamming resilient communication in wireless networks
Reactive jamming is considered the most powerful jamming attack as the attack efficiency is maximized while the risk of being detected is minimized. Currently, there are no effective anti-jammingExpand
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