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The Mg-Chelatase H Subunit of Arabidopsis Antagonizes a Group of WRKY Transcription Repressors to Relieve ABA-Responsive Genes of Inhibition[W][OA]
This work identifies a group of WRKY transcription factors that function as negative abscisic acid (ABA) signaling regulators acting as transcription repressors directly downstream of a previouslyExpand
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Effect of aeration rate, C/N ratio and moisture content on the stability and maturity of compost.
To estimate the order of importance of factors affecting the stability and maturation of compost, pig feces and corn stalks were co-composted at different aeration rates (AR: 0.24, 0.48, 0.72 LExpand
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Refinement of a Design-Oriented Stress–Strain Model for FRP-Confined Concrete
This paper presents the results of a recent study conducted to refine the design-oriented stress–strain model originally proposed by Lam and Teng for fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP)-confined concreteExpand
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Alignment of trees: an alternative to tree edit
Abstract In this paper, we propose the alignment of trees as a measure of the similarity between two labeled trees. Both ordered and unordered trees are considered. An algorithm is designed forExpand
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Comparison of hydrological impacts of climate change simulated by six hydrological models in the Dongjiang Basin, South China
Large differences in future climatic scenarios found when different global circulation models (GCMs) are employed have been extensively discussed in the scientific literature. However, differences inExpand
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Effect of C/N ratio, aeration rate and moisture content on ammonia and greenhouse gas emission during the composting.
Gaseous emission (N2O, CH4 and NH3) from composting can be an important source of anthropogenic greenhouse gas and air pollution. A laboratory scale orthogonal experiment was conducted to estimateExpand
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Molecular and clinical characterization of PD-L1 expression at transcriptional level via 976 samples of brain glioma
ABSTRACT Background: PD-L1 has been widely reported as immune check points in a range of malignancies as well as some immune-originated diseases. In glioma, the role of PD-L1 remains unclear. WeExpand
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Effect of phosphogypsum and dicyandiamide as additives on NH3, N20 and CH4 emissions during composting.
A laboratory scale experiment of composting in a forced aeration system using pig manure with cornstalks was carried out to investigate the effects of both phosphogypsum and dicyandiamide (DCD,Expand
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XTH31, Encoding an in Vitro XEH/XET-Active Enzyme, Regulates Aluminum Sensitivity by Modulating in Vivo XET Action, Cell Wall Xyloglucan Content, and Aluminum Binding Capacity in Arabidopsis[W]
Hemicellulose can retain a large amount of Al. This study demonstrates that an important component of hemicellulose, xyloglucan, can bind Al, and knockout of XTH31 increases Al resistance inExpand
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The Magnesium-Chelatase H Subunit Binds Abscisic Acid and Functions in Abscisic Acid Signaling: New Evidence in Arabidopsis1[W][OA]
Using a newly developed abscisic acid (ABA)-affinity chromatography technique, we showed that the magnesium-chelatase H subunit ABAR/CHLH (for putative abscisic acid receptor/chelatase H subunit)Expand
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