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Violation of Bell's Inequality under Strict Einstein Locality Conditions
We observe strong violation of Bell's inequality in an Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen-type experiment with independent observers. Our experiment definitely implements the ideas behind the well-known work byExpand
A strong loophole-free test of local realism
An loophole-free test of Bells inequalities and the probability that local realism is compatible with the results is less than 5.9×10<sup>-9</sup>. Expand
Entanglement-based quantum communication over 144km
Quantum entanglement is the main resource to endow the field of quantum information processing with powers that exceed those of classical communication and computation. In view of applications suchExpand
A fast and compact quantum random number generator
We present the realization of a physical quantum random number generator based on the process of splitting a beam of photons on a beam splitter, a quantum mechanical source of true randomness. ByExpand
A wavelength-tunable fiber-coupled source of narrowband entangled photons.
It is demonstrated that, due to the particular geometry of the setup, the signal and idler wavelengths can be tuned over a wide range without loss of entanglement. Expand
A comprehensive design and performance analysis of low Earth orbit satellite quantum communication
Optical quantum communication utilizing satellite platforms has the potential to extend the reach of quantum key distribution (QKD) from terrestrial limits of ?200?km to global scales. We haveExpand
Simplifying quantum logic using higher-dimensional Hilbert spaces
Quantum computation promises to solve fundamental, yet otherwise intractable, problems across a range of active fields of research. Recently, universal quantum logic-gate sets—the elemental buildingExpand
Experimental verification of the feasibility of a quantum channel between space and Earth
Extending quantum communication to space environments would enable us to perform fundamental experiments on quantum physics as well as applications of quantum information at planetary andExpand
A strong loophole-free test of local realism
We present a loophole-free violation of local realism using entangled photon pairs. We ensure that all relevant events in our Bell test are spacelike separated by placing the parties far enough apartExpand
Experimental quantum cryptography with qutrits
We produce two identical keys using, for the first time, entangled trinary quantum systems (qutrits) for quantum key distribution. The advantage of qutrits over the normally used binary quantumExpand