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Electronic cigarette aerosol induces significantly less cytotoxicity than tobacco smoke
Abstract Electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes) are a potential means of addressing the harm to public health caused by tobacco smoking by offering smokers a less harmful means of receiving nicotine.Expand
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Assessment of tobacco heating product THP1.0. Part 5: In vitro dosimetric and cytotoxic assessment
ABSTRACT Tobacco heating products (THPs) represent a subset of the next‐generation nicotine and tobacco product category, in which tobacco is typically heated at temperatures of 250–350 °C, therebyExpand
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In vitro RNA-seq-based toxicogenomics assessment shows reduced biological effect of tobacco heating products when compared to cigarette smoke
The battery of regulatory tests used to evaluate the risk of novel tobacco products such as heated tobacco products (THPs) presents some limitations including a bias towards the apical endpointExpand
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E-cigarette aerosols induce lower oxidative stress in vitro when compared to tobacco smoke
Abstract Tobacco smoking is a risk factor for various diseases. The underlying cellular mechanisms are not fully characterized, but include oxidative stress, apoptosis, and necrosis.Expand
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A comparative assessment of e-cigarette aerosols and cigarette smoke on in vitro endothelial cell migration.
Cigarette smoking is a risk factor for several diseases. There has been a steep increase in the use of e-cigarettes that may offer a safer alternative to cigarette smoking. In vitro models ofExpand
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Characterisation of the borgwaldt LM4E system for in vitro exposures to undiluted aerosols from next generation tobacco and nicotine products (NGPs).
Traditional in vitro exposure to combustible tobacco products utilise exposure systems that include the use of smoking machines to generate, dilute and deliver smoke to in vitro cell cultures. WithExpand
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A novel hybrid tobacco product that delivers a tobacco flavour note with vapour aerosol (Part 2): In vitro biological assessment and comparison with different tobacco-heating products.
This study assessed the toxicological and biological responses of aerosols from a novel hybrid tobacco product. Toxicological responses from the hybrid tobacco product were compared to those from aExpand
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The in vitro assessment of a novel vaping technology
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A new approach in DCE MRI data analysis for differentiating benign and malignant breast lesions.
BACKGROUND Dynamic contrast enhanced MRI (DCE MRI) is able to reflect changes in vascularity, vessel permeability and extracellular diffusion space of tissues. The goal of this study was toExpand