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A fast integral-equation solver for electromagnetic scattering problems
We describe a new fast integral-equation solver applicable to large-scale electromagnetic scattering problems. In our approach, the field generated by a given current distribution M decomposed intoExpand
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Gluonic regge singularities and anomalous dimensions in QCD
Abstract The Regge calculus results on the perturbative pomeron are applied to deep inelastic scattering. Explicit expressions are given for the anomalous dimensions γ GG n and γ GF n at n ≅ 1 to theExpand
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Polyakov spin factors and Laplacians on homogeneous spaces
Abstract We derive the Laplacian Δ(A) associated with parallel transport of spin on the bundle SN ← E+. This Laplacian, previously used to construct the generalization of the Polyakov spin factor toExpand
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Induced topological terms, spin and statistics in (2 + 1) dimensions
Abstract The Hopf invarariant responsible for spin and statistics of σ -model solitons in (2 + 1) dimensions is written in a local form closely analogous to the Wess-Zumino term in (3 + 1)Expand
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On the vacuum baryon number in the chiral bag model
Abstract We give a rederivation, generalization and interpretation of the result of Goldstone and Jaffe on the vacuum baryon number in the chiral bag model. Our results are based on considering theExpand
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Fermion Induced Spin of Solitons: Vacuum and Collective Aspects
Abstract We study quantization of collective rotational motions of a soliton in the presence of vacuum fluctuations of fermions coupled to the soliton's background field. Under certain consistencyExpand
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Non-eikonal propagation effects in the multiple scattering of hadrons from nuclei at medium energies
Abstract A multiple scattering formula is discussed which takes into account exactly free propagation of the projectile in the nucleus. For high energies it coincides with the Glauber model and itExpand
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Block-Toeplitz fast integral equation solver for large finite periodic and partially periodic antenna arrays
We propose a fast integral equation solver for large periodic and non-periodic finite antenna array systems. A key element of the algorithm is the rigorous block-Toeplitz method with an FFT-basedExpand
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Surface integral equations for electromagnetic scattering from an impenetrable sheet with different faces impedances
The authors derive surface integral equations for electromagnetic scattering problems involving thin impenetrable sheets characterized by two different face impedances as well as for penetrableExpand
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