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Monstrosity and the Monstrous
we have been to see honeysuckle grow on honeysuckle vines, tadpoles become frogs, mares suckle colts, and in general to see like engender like. It is sufficient that this confidence be shaken once byExpand
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The Psychology of the Roman Imperial Cult
By its method of posing problems successively, the curiosity of modern historians towards antiquity may sometimes give the impression of snobism or of complaisance towards a &dquo;fashion,&dquo; evenExpand
The Germanic Monarchy of the Middle Ages and Its Power Over the Church
&dquo;We have chosen our teacher, Lord Sylvester, as Pope, and ordained and created him by the grace of God.&dquo; The Emperor Otto III wrote these words in the year 1001 in a document for PopeExpand
Religion and the Mexican State
ments and witnesses of the times that Aztec society at the time of the discovery of Mexico appears to be intensely religious, that all public and private life was invaded, so to speak, by rites andExpand
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On the Transition From the Sacred To the Profane
or manipulate them. We give them names, which designate their genre, and make use of them according to our fancy. They are tools or means which refer us to other things to which they have a relation.Expand
The Conquest of Space and National Sovereignty
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Ancient Arabic Poetry
of the Hamâsa, a famous anthology of pagan Arabic poetry. Goethe approached this anthology through the versions of Jones, described it briefly in the &dquo;Notes and Commentary&dquo; to the Diwan,Expand