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Vector two-point functions in maximally symmetric spaces
We obtain massive and massless vector two-point functions in maximally symmetric spaces (and vacua) of any number of dimensions. These include de Sitter space and anti-de Sitter space, and theirExpand
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Entanglement Equilibrium and the Einstein Equation.
  • T. Jacobson
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review letters
  • 18 May 2015
A link between the semiclassical Einstein equation and a maximal vacuum entanglement hypothesis is established. The hypothesis asserts that entanglement entropy in small geodesic balls is maximizedExpand
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Gravity with a dynamical preferred frame
We study a generally covariant model in which local Lorentz invariance is broken "spontaneously" by a dynamical unit timelike vector field $u^a$---the "aether". Such a model makes it possible toExpand
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Einstein-aether gravity: a status report
This paper reviews the theory, phenomenology, and observational constraints on the coupling parameters of Einstein-aether gravity, i.e. General Relativity coupled to a dynamical unit timelike vectorExpand
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Black holes in Einstein-aether and Hořava-Lifshitz gravity
We study spherical black hole solutions in Einstein-aether theory, a Lorentz-violating gravitational theory consisting of general relativity with a dynamical unit timelike vector (the ``aether'')Expand
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Black hole entropy and Lorentz-diffeomorphism Noether charge
We show that, in the first or second order orthonormal frame formalism, black hole entropy is the horizon Noether charge for a combination of diffeomorphism and local Lorentz symmetry involving theExpand
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A new characterization of half-flat solutions to Einstein's equation
AbstractA 3+1 formulation of complex Einstein's equation is first obtained on a real 4-manifoldM, topologically σ×R, where σ is an arbitrary 3-manifold. The resulting constraint and evolutionExpand
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Lorentz violation at high energy: Concepts, phenomena, and astrophysical constraints
Abstract We consider here the possibility of quantum gravity induced violation of Lorentz symmetry (LV). Even if suppressed by the inverse Planck mass such LV can be tested by current experiments andExpand
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Introduction to Quantum Fields in Curved Spacetime and the Hawking Effect
These notes introduce the subject of quantum field theory in curved spacetime and some of its applications and the questions they raise. Topics include particle creation in time-dependent metrics,Expand
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Extended Horava gravity and Einstein-aether theory
Einstein-aether theory is general relativity coupled to a dynamical, unit timelike vector. If this vector is restricted in the action to be hypersurface orthogonal, the theory is identical to the IRExpand
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