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Hydramethylnon uptake by Blattella germanica (Orthoptera: Blattellidae) by coprophagy.
Blattella germanica (L.) that were fed hydramethylnon bait produced residues that were toxic to exposed conspecifics. Insecticidal activity was traced to the feces of treated insects by feedingExpand
Population Suppression of Trogoderma glabrum by Using Pheromone Luring for Protozoan Pathogen Dissemination
Subsequent generations of Trogoderma glabrum (Herbst) were substantially suppressed after a single introduction of protozoan pathogen spores, Mattesia trogodermae Canning, into dense, adult maleExpand
Feeding Habits of Wisconsin's Predominant Lotic Plecoptera, Ephemeroptera, and Trichoptera
Feeding habits of nymphs or larvae of 101 species of Plecoptera, Ephemeroptera, and Trichoptera collected from Wisconsin's streams were determined by examining foregut contents. The percent by volumeExpand
Perception byTrogoderma species of chirality and methyl branching at a site far removed from a functional group in a pheromone component
Responses to enantiomers of (Z)- and (E)-trogodermal (14-methyl-8-hexadecenal) suggest that fourTrogoderma species utilize the (R)-(−) configuration at C-14. Removal of the C-14 methyl branchExpand
Patterns of sex pheromone release from adult females, and effects of air velocity and pheromone release rates on theoretical communication distances inTrogoderma glabrutm
By means of olfactory communication models, theoretical maximum communication distances for dispensers releasing synthetic (E)-14-methyl-8-hexadecenal (trogodermal) were confirmed in windtunnel testsExpand
Incorporating extra information in experimental design for bioassay.
In a bioassay, under certain experimental circumstances, information on concentration (dose rate) and time to response for some subjects can be combined in a single analysis. An underlying logisticExpand
Cumulative toxicity and delayed temperature effects of hydramethylnon on German cockroaches (Orthoptera: Blattellidae).
Blattella germanica (L.) males succumbed to two consecutive sublethal doses of hydramethylnon (an amidinohydrazone) spaced up to 6 days apart. The same effect was not observed with a carbamateExpand
Diel and age-dependent behavioral patterns of exposure-concealment in three species ofTrogoderma
AdultTrogoderma glabrum, T. inclusum, andT. variabile exhibit diel periods of exposure-concealment behavior, the frequency and duration of which are age-dependent, and the temporal placement of whichExpand