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High affinity 3H-cimetidine binding in guinea-pig tissues.
Abstract Receptor binding studies have been carried out in guinea-pig cerebral cortex and gastric mucosa membrane preparations using 3 H-cimetidine as the radioligand. The binding was found to beExpand
A study of the histamine H2‐receptor mediating relaxation of the parenchymal lung strip preparation of the guinea‐pig
1 The relaxation produced by several H2‐receptor agonists and forskolin was investigated on strips of guinea‐pig lung parenchyma. 2 Dimparit, 1 μM to 10 mM, 4‐methyl histamine, 0.5 μM to 100 μM andExpand
The binding of [3H]‐tiotidine to homogenates of guinea‐pig lung parenchyma
1 By use of a rapid filtration assay, the binding of [3H]‐tiotidine to homogenates of guinea‐pig lung parenchyma was found to be saturable and of a high affinity. Mean values for the KD and Bmax wereExpand
A modified mouse air pouch model for evaluating the effects of compounds on granuloma induced cartilage degradation
1 Employing rat femoral head cartilage implanted in a 6 day old mouse air pouch, the effects of inflammatory stimuli (i.e. cotton pellets, carrageenan, zymosan) on the loss of proteoglycan andExpand
Quantitative extraction and determination of nonesterified fatty acids in plasma.
A method is described for the determination of nonesterified fatty acids in plasma. Extraction is at least 98% efficient, and losses during subsequent stages are corrected for by the use of anExpand
Low level antigen responses in guinea-pig lung strip
Guinea-pigs were sensitized either by i.p. administration or by a novel procedure involving inhalation of ovalbumin (2, 0.2 and 0.002%) on days 0, 5 and 19 respectively. Lung strips from theseExpand
Specific binding of 3H-tiotidine to histamine H2 receptors in guinea pig cerebral cortex
Although the H2 subclass of histamine receptor has been revealed by classical pharmacological approaches1,2, the direct identification of this adenylate cyclase-linked receptor has, despite muchExpand
Radioisotope studies of purine metabolism during administration of guanine and allopurinol in the pig.
Abstract In pigs pre-fed guanine, some 33 per cent of [8-14C]guanine administered orally appeared in the urine in 24 hr, principally in the form of allantoin. Little incorporation (less than 1 perExpand
The determination of receptor constants for histamine H2‐agonists in the guinea‐pig isolated right atrium using an irreversible H2‐antagonist
1 From measurements of chronotropy in the guinea‐pig isolated right atrium, a compound (E1309) was found which behaved as an irreversible antagonist at the histamine H2 receptor. 2 E1309 was used toExpand