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NURBS interpolator for constant material removal rate in open NC machine tools
Conventionally used linear or circular interpolators are undesirable for the precision machining of 3D free-form surfaces for the following reasons: the transmission errors due to the huge number ofExpand
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Optimization of feedrate in a face milling operation using a surface roughness model
Optimization of feedrate is valuable in terms of providing high precision and efficient machining. The surface roughness is particularly sensitive to the feedrate and the runout errors of the insertsExpand
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Chipping minimization in drilling ceramic materials with rotary ultrasonic machining
Ultrasonic machining (USM) has been considered as a new cutting technology that does not rely on the conductance of the workpiece. USM presents no heating or electrochemical effects, with low surfaceExpand
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Real time monitoring of tool breakage in a milling operation using a digital signal processor
Abstract A monitoring system that can detect tool breakage and chipping in real time was developed using a digital signal processor (DSP) board in a face milling operation. An autoregressive (AR)Expand
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On-line monitoring of tool breakage in face milling using a self-organized neural network
Abstract This study introduces a new tool breakage monitoring methodology consisting of an unsupervised neural network combined with an adaptive time-series modeling algorithm. Cutting force signalsExpand
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Adaptive Optimization of Face Milling Operations Using Neural Networks
In intelligent machine tools, a computer based control system, which can adapt the machining parameters in an optimal fashion based on sensor measurements of the machining process, should beExpand
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Fast and precision NURBS interpolator for CNC systems
This paper presents a performance evaluation of a NURBS interpolator that uses not Taylor’s expansion method but the recursive characteristics of NURBS. Taylor’s expansion has mostly been used forExpand
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Development of 2-axis hybrid positioning system for precision contouring on micro-milling operation
A 2-axis hybrid positioning system was developed for precision contouring on micro-milling operation. The system was developed to overcome the micro-positioning limitations of conventional linearExpand
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On-machine measurement using a noncontact sensor based on a CAD model
Once a machining process is finished, an inspection process is carried out to check whether the part is within dimensional tolerances. A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a general metrologicalExpand
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Tool Wear Monitoring in Diamond Turning by Fuzzy Pattern Recognition
This paper introduces a fuzzy pattern recognition technique for monitoring single crystal diamond tool wear in the ultraprecision machining process. Selected features by which to partition theExpand
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