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Mechanistic cutting force model in band sawing
In order to establish a mechanistic model of cutting force, specific cutting pressure was first obtained through cutting experiments. The band sawing process is similar to milling in that it involvesExpand
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A dynamic surface roughness model for face milling
Abstract This paper presents a newly developed mathematical model for surface roughness prediction in a face-milling operation. The model considers the static and the dynamic components of theExpand
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Profile characteristics of biomachined copper
Biomachining is a machining process that uses microorganisms as the tool to remove metal from a workpiece. This is an alternative micromachining process that may have environmental advantages. ThisExpand
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A deburring strategy in drilled hole of CFRP composites using EDM process
Abstract Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) composites are highly promising materials for applications in the aeronautic and aerospace industry due to their superior strength-to weight andExpand
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An experimental study on microcutting of silicon using a micromilling machine
Micro-end-milling can potentially create desired 3D free-form surface features on silicon using ductile machining technology. A number of technological barriers must be overcome for micro-end-millingExpand
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End mill design and machining via cutting simulation
We use the cutting simulation method to obtain the machined shape of an end mill by using Boolean operations between grinding wheel and a cylindrical workpiece (raw stock). Expand
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Mill-grinding with electroplated diamond abrasives for ceramic cutting
Ceramic materials are very hard and brittle and are not easily cut with typical methods, such as grinding or cutting. These materials are cut mostly using the grinding process, but the materialExpand
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Elimination of Settling Error Due to Clamping Forces in On-Machine Measurement
When using OMM (on machine measurement), accuracy in the measurement of finished, machined parts is important; these parts are commonly measured by CMMs (coordinate measuring machines). This paperExpand
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Selection of the Machining Inclination Angle in High-Speed Ball End Milling
High-speed machining is a key issue for current die and mould manufacturing. Though this technology has great potential for high productivity, tool wear accelerated by high cutting speeds and hardExpand
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ANFIS modeling of surface roughness in abrasive waterjet machining of carbon fiber reinforced plastics
This study discusses the development of an Adaptive neuro–fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) model for determining the surface roughness (Ra) during machining of multidirectional woven fabric CarbonExpand
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