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Approach to the Synthesis of the C1-C11 and C14-C18 portion of Leucascandrolide A.
An asymmetric synthesis of the C1 to C11 and C14 to C18 fragments of the macrocyclic portion of the antibiotic Leucascandrolide A was achieved in 21 total steps from an achiral dienoate. The keyExpand
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De novo enantioselective syntheses of galacto-sugars and deoxy sugars via the iterative dihydroxylation of dienoate.
An efficient route to various sugar lactones has been developed. Key to the overall transformation is the sequential osmium-catalyzed dihydroxylation of 2,4-dienoates. The simplest (one-step/racemic)Expand
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An enantioselective synthesis of benzylidene-protected syn-3,5-dihydroxy carboxylate esters via osmium, palladium, and base catalysis.
[reaction: see text]. The enantioselective syntheses of several protected syn-3,5-dihydroxy carboxylic esters have been achieved from the corresponding achiral 1,3-dieneoates. The route relies uponExpand
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An enantioselective synthesis of tarchonanthuslactone.
An enantioselective synthesis of tarchonanthuslactone has been achieved in eight steps from ethyl sorbate. The asymmetry of the route was introduced via a Sharpless asymmetric dihydroxylationExpand
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An enantioselective synthesis of cryptocarya diacetate.
[reaction: see text]. The enantioselective synthesis of cryptocarya diacetate has been achieved in 10 steps from ethyl sorbate. The route relies upon an enantio- and regioselective SharplessExpand
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Enantioselective syntheses of colletodiol, colletol, and grahamimycin A.
[reaction: see text] The enantioselective synthesis of colletodiol has been achieved in 11 steps from methyl 1,3,5-octatrienoate and 16 total steps from both ethyl sorbate and methylExpand
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A Highly Convergent Total Synthesis of Leustroducsin B
Leustroducsin B exhibits a large variety of biological activities and unique structural features. An efficient and highly convergent total synthesis of Leustroducsin B was achieved in 17 longestExpand
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Minimum rank with zero diagonal
Associated with a simple graph G is a family of real, symmetric zero diagonal matrices with the same nonzero pattern as the adjacency matrix of G. The minimum of the ranks of the matrices in thisExpand
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Asymmetric Iterative Hydration of Polyene Strategy to Cryptocaryols A and B
The development of two iterative asymmetric hydration approaches to the synthesis of all syn- and syn/anti/syn-1,3,5,7-tetraol motifs is described. These pseudo-symmetric products are syntheticExpand
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Steenrod Algebra Module Maps from H ∗ (B( Z /p) n ) to H ∗ (B( Z /p) s )
Let Hon denote the mod-p cohomology of the classifying space B(Z/p)n as a module over the Steenrod algebra v . Adams, Gunawardena, and Miller have shown that the n x s matrices with entries in Z/pExpand
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