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A Review of X-Ray Flow Visualization With Applications to Multiphase Flows
Flow visualization and characterization of multiphase flows have been the quest of many fluid mechanicians. The process is fairly straight forward only when there is good optical access (i.e., theExpand
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Experimental validation and CFD modeling study of biomass fast pyrolysis in fluidized-bed reactors
Abstract In this work, an Euler–Euler multiphase computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model, which couples a biomass particle pyrolysis model with a multi-fluid hydrodynamics model for gas–particleExpand
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An X-ray system for visualizing fluid flows
Abstract A unique flow visualization facility, based on X-ray imaging, has been developed to study, characterize, and measure various flow characteristics in large vertical systems that have internalExpand
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Growth of Rhodospirillum rubrum on synthesis gas: Conversion of CO to H2 and poly‐β‐hydroxyalkanoate
To examine the potential use of synthesis gas as a carbon and energy source in fermentation processes, Rhodospirillum rubrum was cultured on synthesis gas generated from discarded seed corn. TheExpand
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Correlating Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer in a Stirred-Tank Reactor
A correlation is developed for the volumetric gas–liquid mass transfer coefficient (kLa) in stirred-tank reactors (STRs) using results from the literature. The volumetric mass transfer coefficient isExpand
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CFD Modeling and X-Ray Imaging of Biomass in a Fluidized Bed
Computational modeling of fluidized beds can be used to predict the operation of biomass gasifiers after extensive validation with experimental data. The present work focused on validatingExpand
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Carbon Monoxide Mass Transfer for Syngas Fermentation in a Stirred Tank Reactor with Dual Impeller Configurations
This study compares the power demand and gas‐liquid volumetric mass transfer coefficient, kLa, in a stirred tank reactor (STR) (T = 0.211 m) using different impeller designs and schemes in a carbonExpand
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Modeling flotation separation in a semi-batch process
A model for a semi-batch flotation separation process has been developed, based on available microprocess probabilities, and compared to experimental data obtained using a WEMCO laboratory flotationExpand
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Bed height and material density effects on fluidized bed hydrodynamics
Abstract Characterizing the hydrodynamics of a fluidized bed is of vital importance to understanding the behavior of this multiphase flow system. Minimum fluidization velocity and gas holdup are twoExpand
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Estimating gas holdup via pressure difference measurements in a cocurrent bubble column
Abstract Estimating gas holdup via pressure difference measurements is a simple and low-cost non-invasive technique to study gas holdup in bubble columns. It is usually used in a manner where theExpand
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