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External and internal characters, horizontal and vertical distributions, luminescence, and food of the dwarf pelagic shark, Euprotomicrus bispinatus
Author(s): Hubbs, Carl L; Iwai, Tamotsu; Matsubara, Kiyomatsu | Abstract: The object of this paper is to coordinate and expand knowledge of Euprotomicrus bispinatus (Quoy and Caimard, 1824), theExpand
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Fine structure of gut epithelial cells of larval and juvenile carp during absorption of fat and protein.
  • T. Iwai
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Archivum histologicum Japonicum = Nihon…
  • 1 February 1969
The gut epithelium of larval and juvenile carp is composed principally of columnar cells and intermingled goblet cells. In the mid gut of juveniles so-called pear-shaped cells are occasionally foundExpand
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A new cottid fish found in Toyama Bay
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Development of the myotomal musculature in the red sea bream.
The developmental process of the myotomal musculature in the red sea bream was investigated histochemically from newly hatched larvae to juveniles, and histochemical characters of the fiber typesExpand
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Hatching Glands in Herring Embryos
This investigation reports on the first appearance of hatching glands during embryonic development of Clupea harengus. It provides information on morphological gland detail and documents theExpand
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Studies on Some Japanese Fishes of the Family Gempylidae
THOUGH THE FISHES of the family Gempylidae have lon g been of interest to ichth yologists and though considerable literature concerning this family has accumulated; the group still is far from beingExpand
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Histochemical observations on the permeation of heavy metals into taste buds of goldfish.
The present study was aimed at confirming whether metal-permeation into taste cells was responsible for the histological damage of taste buds of goldfish exposed to heavy metals. HistochemicalExpand
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