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Axiomatic Geometric Formulation of Electromagnetism with Only One Axiom: The Field Equation for the Bivector Field F with an Explanation of the Trouton-Noble Experiment
In this paper we present an axiomatic, geometric, formulation of electromagnetism with only one axiom: the field equation for the Faraday bivector field F. This formulation with F field is aExpand
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“True Transformations Relativity” and Electrodynamics
Different approaches to special relativity (SR) are discussed. The first approach is an invariant approach, which we call the “true transformations (TT) relativity.” In this approach a physicalExpand
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The Difference Between the Standard and The Lorentz Transformations of the Electric and the Magnetic Fields
In this paper it is shown by using the Clifford algebra formalism that the usual Lorentz transformations of the three-dimensional (3D) vectors of the electric and magnetic fields E and B (which willExpand
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The “relativistic” electric fields produced by steady currents: comparison with experiments
Abstract A comparison of the new “relativistic” electric fields outside stationary conductors carrying steady currents with the available experiments is made. A complete agreement with theseExpand
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Lorentz Invariant Majorana Formulation of the Field Equations and Dirac-like Equation for the Free Photon
In this paper we present a new geometric formulation (Clifiord algebra formalism) of the fleld equations, which is independent of the reference frame and of the chosen system of coordinates in it.Expand
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Lorentz transformations of the electric and magnetic fields according to Minkowski
The usual transformations (UT) of the 3-vectors E and B that were found by Lorentz and by Poincare and independently by Einstein in 1905 are generally considered to be the Lorentz transformationsExpand
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Comparison IETS and optical spectra of TCNQ charge transfer salts
A new way of assigning inelastic electron tunnelling spectra (IETS) of metal-insulator-metal tunnel junctions doped with minute quantities of organic molecules is proposed. This is supported byExpand
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Nature of Electric and Magnetic Fields; How the Fields Transform
In this paper the proofs are given that the electric and magnetic fields are properly defined vectors on the four-dimensional (4D) spacetime (the 4-vectors in the usual notation) and not the usual 3DExpand
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Comment on "Limit on the Electron Electric Dipole Moment in Gadolinium-Iron Garnet" [arXiv:physics/0509106]
In the paper being commented on it is proposed a new method for the detection of the electron EDM using the solid GdIG. There, it is argued that a sample electric polarization appears when the sampleExpand
Simple Proof that the Usual Transformations of the Electric and Magnetic Fields are not the Lorentz Transformations and EDM Searches
The usual transformations of the three-dimensional (3D) fields E and B that are found in [1] ([1] A. Einstein, Ann. Physik \17, 891 (1905)) are always considered to be the relativistically correctExpand