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Purines. XXIX: Syntheses of 9-alkyl-2-deuterio-N6-methoxyadenines and 2-deuterio-N6,9-dimethyladenine: tautomerism in 9-substituted N6-alkoxyadenines
Cyclizations of the alkoxyamidines 7a, i with formic acid gave N6-methoxy-9-methyladenine (8a) and 9-benzyl-N6-methoxyadenine (8i). Replacement of formic acid by formic-d acid-d in these cyclizationsExpand
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Structures of condensed tricyclic nucleosides of phenylalanine transfer ribonucleic acids
Abstract The unstable minor nucleosides, wyosine, wybutosine, and β-hydroxywybutosine, were isolated from tRNAs in sufficient amounts for determination of their structures.
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Syntheses of the marine ascidian purine aplidiamine and its 9-β-d-ribofuranoside
Abstract The title nucleoside 9 was synthesized by alkylation of 8-oxoadenosine ( 7 ) with 4-benzyloxy-3,5-dibromobenzyl bromide, followed by Dimroth rearrangement and acid hydrolysis. 2′-DeoxyExpand
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Purines. II. An Alternative Synthesis of 1-Alkoxy-9-alkyladenine Salts
Treatment of 9-alkyladenines (Ia, b, c) with 30% aqueous hydrogen peroxide in acetic acid at 30° produced the corresponding 9-alkyladenine 1-oxides (II a, b, c) in 51-71% yield. The 1-N-oxides wereExpand
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Purines—VI: Rate study and mechanism of the dimroth rearrangement of 1-alkoxy-9-alkyladenines and 1-alkyl-9-methyladenines
Abstract The rates of the Dimroth rearrangements of l-alkoxy-9-alkyladenines (I) and 1-alkyl-9-methyladenines (V) have been measured. It is shown that 1-alkoxy derivatives (I) undergo rearrangementExpand
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Cyclocondensation of oxalyl chloride with 1,2-glycols
Abstract Oxalyl chloride reacts with a wide range of acyclic 1,2-glycols 1 in the presence of triethylamine to produce 1,3-dioxolan-2-ones 3 together with 1,4-dioxane-2,3-diones 2. Ethylene glycolExpand
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