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Ferroelectricity from iron valence ordering in the charge-frustrated system LuFe2O4
Ferroelectric materials are widely used in modern electric devices such as memory elements, filtering devices and high-performance insulators. Ferroelectric crystals have a spontaneous electricExpand
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Wide Band Energy Beamline using Si (111) Crystal Monochromators at BL22XU in SPring‐8
A new JAEA beamline with an in‐vacuum undulator has been constructed at BL22XU in SPring‐8. The wide band energy X‐rays facilitate crystal structure studies under pressure, resonant X‐ray scatteringExpand
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Instrumental upgrades of the RIXS spectrometer at BL11XU at SPring-8
Abstract Two recent instrumental upgrades of the inelastic X-ray scattering spectrometer installed at BL11XU at SPring-8 are reported. The first one is a multianalyzer system, where we canExpand
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Magnetic Phase Transition of the Triangular Lattice Antiferromagnet CsMnI3
The universality class of successive magnetic phase transitions in the triangular lattice antiferromagnet CsMnI 3 is studied by measuring the critical exponent β using neutron scattering. A weakExpand
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Pressure Induced Magnetic Transition of Mn3Ga1-xAlxC
We have measured the magnetization of Mn 3 Ga 1- x Al x C with x =0, 0.01 and 0.02 under pressure up to 1.25 GPa. A magnetic transition from an antiferromagnetic (AFM) to an intermediate (IM) stateExpand
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Resonant X-ray scattering study of hidden order in URu2Si2 using a low-stress single crystal
We have studied a puzzling phase below 17.5 K of URu2Si2 by means of resonant X-ray scattering (RXS) near the U MIV absorption edge (E ~ 3.73 keV), using a high-quality single-crystalline sample withExpand
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Suppression of f-Electron Itinerancy in CeRu2Si2 by a Strong Magnetic Field
The valence state of Ce in a canonical heavy fermion compound CeRu2Si2 has been investigated by synchrotron X-ray absorption spectroscopy at 1.8 K in high magnetic fields of up to 40 T. The valenceExpand
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Application of a portable pulsed magnet to synchrotron radiation experiments
Abstract A very small capacitor bank and miniature pulsed magnets have been developed to perform high-field synchrotron radiation experiments. A 20 T pulsed field can be generated using an energy ofExpand
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High Field X-ray Diffraction Study on a Magnetic-Field-Induced Valence Transition in YbInCu4
We report the first high-field x-ray diffraction experiment using synchrotron x-rays and pulsed magnetic fields exceeding 30 T. The lattice deformation due to a magnetic-field-induced valenceExpand
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X-ray magnetic circular dichroism of a valence fluctuating state in eu at high magnetic fields.
X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD) at the Eu L edge in two compounds exhibiting valence fluctuation, namely EuNi_{2}(Si_{0.18}Ge_{0.82})_{2} and EuNi_{2}P_{2}, has been investigated at highExpand
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