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Age-related changes in optokinetic and rotational tests.
In the OKN test the eye speed increased with advancing age, and in the rotational test theEye speed decreased with advancingAge, and this pattern was found statistically significant at a target speed of 40 degrees/s in theOKN test and at 6 degrees/S2 (stimulation) in theRotational test. Expand
[Intercostal nerve transfer for traumatic brachial nerve palsy].
Auditory Perception of Duration of Speech (and Non-Speech Stimuli in Hard-of-Hearing Snbjects
Conventional andiometry using pure, tones and monosyllables fail to reveal impairments in the perception of temporal characteristics of speech. Preliminary investigations using natural utterances ofExpand
Effects of Electro-Acupuncture on the Deep Body Temperature
Variations in body temperature (deep body temperature) is one area in which it is said fluctuation due to acupuncture therapy can be expected, and the acupuncture therapeutic results are studied. Expand
[Adduction contracture of the pollex].