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DSIF, a novel transcription elongation factor that regulates RNA polymerase II processivity, is composed of human Spt4 and Spt5 homologs.
We report the identification of a transcription elongation factor from HeLa cell nuclear extracts that causes pausing of RNA polymerase II (Pol II) in conjunction with the transcription inhibitorExpand
Isolation of a cDNA encoding the largest subunit of TFIIA reveals functions important for activated transcription.
Transcription factor IIA has been shown to interact with the TATA-binding protein and to act early during preinitiation complex formation. The human factor is composed of three subunits (alpha, beta,Expand
The Role of Human MBF1 as a Transcriptional Coactivator*
Multiprotein bridging factor 1 (MBF1) is a coactivator which mediates transcriptional activation by interconnecting the general transcription factor TATA element-binding protein and gene-specificExpand
Silk Gland Factor-1 Involved in the Regulation of Bombyx Sericin-1 Gene Contains Fork Head Motif (*)
Silk gland factor-1 (SGF-1) regulates transcription of the Bombyx sericin-1 gene via interaction with the SA site. In this study, two related SGF-1 polypeptides of apparent molecular masses of 40 andExpand
ERC-55, a binding protein for the papilloma virus E6 oncoprotein, specifically interacts with vitamin D receptor among nuclear receptors.
VDR regulates gene expression in a ligand-dependent way by binding to cognate enhancer elements of target gene promoters. The ligand-dependent activation function, AF-2, of VDR is thought to requireExpand
Stimulatory effects of substance P on CD34 positive cell proliferation and differentiation in vitro are mediated by the modulation of stromal cell function.
Substance P (SP) is a neuropeptide widely distributed in the nervous system. Extensive study has shown SP stimulates production of various cytokines by bone marrow stromal cells, although, the roleExpand
A type I DnaJ homolog, DjA1, regulates androgen receptor signaling and spermatogenesis
Two type I DnaJ homologs DjA1 (DNAJA1; dj2, HSDJ/hdj‐2, rdj1) and DjA2 (DNAJA2; dj3, rdj2) work similarly as a cochaperone of Hsp70s in protein folding and mitochondrial protein import in vitro. ToExpand
Identification of two transcription factors that bind to specific elements in the promoter of the adenovirus early-region 4.
Two kinds of trans-acting factors that regulate transcription from the promoter of the adenovirus early-region 4 (E4) have been identified by reconstituting nuclear extracts of HeLa cells. They wereExpand
Effects of vesnarinone on the bone marrow stromal cell-dependent proliferation and differentiation of HL60 cells in vitro.
It has been reported that vesnarinone, a new inotropic agent used in the treatment of cardiac failure, causes agranulocytosis as a side effect. To study the mechanisms by which this complicationExpand
Possible involvement of bone marrow stromal cells in agranulocytosis caused by vesnarinone treatment.
Vesnarinone, an oral therapeutic agent for cardiac failure, causes agranulocytosis as a side effect. To elucidate the mechanism of occurrence of the agranulocytosis, we examined the effect ofExpand