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Antitumor activity of aqueous extracts of edible mushrooms.
Aqueous extracts of seven species of edible mushrooms were tested for their antitumor activity against transplanted Sarcoma 180 in Swiss albino mice and the active antitumour material was suggested by chemical analysis to be a polysaccharide. Expand
Inhibitory effects of ergosterol isolated from the edible mushroom Hypsizigus marmoreus on TPA‐induced inflammatory ear oedema and tumour promotion in mice
The isolates showed inhibitory activity against 12‐O‐tetradecanoylphorbol‐13‐acetate induced ear inflammation in mice, and ergosterol markedly inhibited tumour promotion in a two‐stage carcinogenesis experiment, suggesting these sterols may be useful in developing an effective method of cancer prevention. Expand
Entada saponin-III, a saponin isolated from the bark of Entada phaseoloides
Abstract The structure of Entada saponin (ES)-III, one of the main saponins of Entada phaseoloides bark, was established to be 3- O -[β- d -xylopyranosyl (1 → 2)-α- l -arabinopyranosyl (1 → 6)] [β- lExpand
Cruciferous Vegetables, Mushrooms, and Gastrointestinal Cancer Risks in a Multicenter, Hospital-Based Case-Control Study in Japan
It is suggested that cruciferous vegetables decrease the risk of both stomach and colorectal cancer, and that mushrooms are associated with a decreased risk of stomach cancer. Expand
[Studies on the bioactive constituents of Aurantii Fructus Immaturus].
An ethanol extract of "Kijitsu" (Aurantii Fructus Immaturus, Citrus aurantium L.) collected in China was assessed for the antitumor activity using murine leukemia P388 in vivo, and the extract wasExpand