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Sampling bias in climate–conflict research
Critics have argued that the evidence of an association between climate change and conflict is flawed because the research relies on a dependent variable sampling strategy1–4. Similarly, it has beenExpand
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On exposure, vulnerability and violence: Spatial distribution of risk factors for climate change and violent conflict across Kenya and Uganda
Abstract Recent studies discuss the link between climate change and violent conflict, especially for East Africa. While there is extensive literature on the question whether climate change increasesExpand
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Space, discourse and environmental peacebuilding
Abstract The concept of environmental peacebuilding is becoming increasingly prominent among peacebuilding scholars and practitioners. This study provides a brief overview about the variousExpand
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Why do conflicts over scarce renewable resources turn violent? A qualitative comparative analysis
Abstract This study addresses the question why intergroup conflicts over scarce, renewable resources in peripheral areas of the global South escalate into violence. In order to do so, twenty cases ofExpand
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Resilience and environmental security: towards joint application in peacebuilding
ABSTRACT Resilience is a widely used concept among development, environmental, security and peacebuilding organizations. However, resilience has rarely been applied in conjunction with theExpand
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On climate, conflict and cumulation: suggestions for integrative cumulation of knowledge in the research on climate change and violent conflict
Possible links between climate change and intra-state violent conflict have received major scholarly attention in recent years. But with few exceptions there is still a low level of consensus in thisExpand
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Research methods for exploring the links between climate change and conflict
The potential links between climate change and conflict have received much attention in recent years, but there is little consensus on the issue in the relevant literature. So far, few methodologicalExpand
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Climate War in the Middle East? Drought, the Syrian Civil War and the State of Climate-Conflict Research
  • T. Ide
  • Political Science
  • Current Climate Change Reports
  • 6 September 2018
Purpose of ReviewThis article reviews existing evidence for a climate-conflict link in Syria and examines how the respective debate reproduces three important shortcomings of climate-conflictExpand
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The Impact of Environmental Cooperation on Peacemaking: Definitions, Mechanisms, and Empirical Evidence
  • T. Ide
  • Political Science
  • 1 September 2019
Abstract The literature on environmental peacemaking claims that groups in conflict can put aside their differences and cooperate in the face of shared environmental challenges, thereby facilitatingExpand
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Violent climate or climate of violence? Concepts and relations with focus on Kenya and Sudan
Addressing deficits of current research on the link between climate change and violent conflict, this article aims to contribute to a more systematic understanding of the violence concept in theExpand
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