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Polyphenolics and tannins effect on in vitro digestibility of selected Acacia species leaves
Browse tree leaves from six species of Acacia being: A. angustissima, A. drepanolobium, A. nilotica, A. polyacantha, A. tortilis and A. senegal were screened to quantify levels of extractable totalExpand
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Nutritive evaluation of some browse tree legume foliages native to semi-arid areas in western Tanzania
Browse tree legume leaves from Acacia spp (A. nilotica, A. tortilis, A. polyacantha), Dichrostachys sp, Flagea villosa, Piliostigma thonningii, Harrisonia sp were evaluated for nutritive potentialExpand
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Feeding value of wild Napier grass (Pennisetum macrourum) for cattle supplemented with protein and/or energy rich supplements
Abstract Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the feeding value of Pennisetum macrourum , commonly known as wild Napier grass, as a feed for cattle. Experiment 1 was a nutritive valueExpand
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Study on Nutritive Value of Tropical Forages in North Sumatra, Indonesia
This study was conducted to evaluate nutritive value of forages commonly used as ruminant feeds in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Seven species of grasses and five species of legumes were collected duringExpand
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Comparison of voluntary feed intake, rumen passage and degradation kinetics between crossbred Brahmam cattle ( Bos indicus ) and swamp buffaloes ( Bubalus bubalis ) fed a fattening diet based on corn
Three crossbred tropical cattle and three crossbred buffaloes, fitted with rumen cannulas, were used to investigate the differences in feed intake, digestibility and parameters with rumen degradationExpand
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Effects of Acacia nilotica, A. polyacantha and Leucaena leucocephala leaf meal supplementation on performance of Small East African goats fed native pasture hay basal forages
Abstract Optimal utilisation of tannin-rich browse tree fodders including Acacia spp. foliages as crude protein (CP) supplements to ruminants in the tropics is limited by less available informationExpand
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Chemical composition, degradation characteristics and effect of tannin on digestibility of some browse species from Kenya harvested during the Wet Season
A study was conducted with the objective of evaluating the nutritive value of some browse species from Kenya. The species evaluated included: Bauhinia alba, Bauhinia variegata, Bridelia micrantha,Expand
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