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Centrifuge modeling of load-deformation behavior of rocking shallow foundations
Abstract Shallow foundations supporting building structures might be loaded well into their nonlinear range during intense earthquake loading. The nonlinearity of the soil may act as an energyExpand
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Geotechnical reconnaissance of the 2010 Darfield (Canterbury) earthquake
On 4 September 2010, a magnitude M w 7.1 earthquake struck the Canterbury region on the South Island of New Zealand. The epicentre of the earthquake was located in the Darfield area about 40 kmExpand
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Terrestrial Laser Scanning-Based Structural Damage Assessment
Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) provides a rapid, remote sensing technique to model 3D objects. Previous work applying TLS to structural analysis has demonstrated its effectiveness in capturingExpand
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Performance evaluation of a nonlinear Winkler-based shallow foundation model using centrifuge test results
When a structure supported on shallow foundations is subjected to inertial loading due to earthquake motions, the foundation may undergo sliding, settling and rocking movements. Even if the capacityExpand
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Beam-on-Nonlinear-Winkler-Foundation Modeling of Shallow, Rocking-Dominated Footings
The nonlinear behavior of shallow foundations under large amplitude earthquake-induced loading can result in dissipation of seismic energy through the mechanism of soil yielding beneath theExpand
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Results of an experimental program investigating the lateral strength and ductility capacity of reinforced concrete piles are presented. Four full-scale reinforced concrete piles with detailsExpand
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Characterizing frictional behavior for use in predicting the seismic response of unattached equipment
Abstract Characterizing friction is a fundamentally important aspect of modeling the seismic response of a body resting on any mechanical interface. In the context of rigid bodies mounted withinExpand
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Fragility of Bench-Mounted Equipment Considering Uncertain Parameters
This paper presents analytically developed seismic fragility curves for unattached bench-mounted equipment considering representative building, bench, and equipment interface properties. The emphasisExpand
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Improved image analysis for evaluating concrete damage
The use of images, whether in routine maintenance, or postearthquake reconnaissance, has quickly become the preferred approach to record and archive the exterior damage of existing infrastructure.Expand
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