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Group rings and rings of matrices
Polyester compositions comprising a blend of poly (C2-C4 alkylene terephthalate) with a diepoxy compound and a multiphase composite polymer are disclosed. The multiphase polymer has a firstExpand
Surfactant-assisted pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of spent mushroom compost for the production of sugars.
Spent mushroom compost (SMC), a byproduct of commercial mushroom cultivation, poses serious environmental problems that have hampered the growth of this important agro-industry. In an effort toExpand
Unexpectedly facile synthesis of symmetrical P1,P2-dinucleoside-5'pyrophosphates.
Symmetrical dinucleoside 5'-pyrophosphates have been synthesized from the corresponding nucleoside 5'-phosphate free acid in high yield. The one-pot procedure is carried out in DMF or DMSO usingExpand
Studies on the Mechanism of Action of 2-Formyl-4-pyrrolidinopyridine: Isolation and Characterization of a Reactive Intermediate.
This paper describes the mechanism of action of 2-formyl-4-pyrrolidinopyridine (FPP, 1a) which is a catalyst for the hydroxyl-directed methanolysis of alpha-hydroxy esters. This species was initiallyExpand
Enhanced selectivities for the hydroxyl-directed methanolysis of esters using the 2-acyl-4-aminopyridine class of acyl transfer catalysts: ketones as binding sites.
In this paper we describe the preparation of a series of 2-acyl-4-aminopyridines, and their use as catalysts for the hydroxyl-directed methanolysis of alpha-hydroxy esters in preference toExpand
Dihydroxylation and oxidative cleavage of olefins in the presence of sulfur
Abstract The dihydroxylation of olefins using AD-mix or OsO 4 K 3 Fe(CN) 6 in the presence of sulfides has been examined as has the rate of oxidation of various classes of sulfides. The selectivityExpand
Large steric effect in the substitution reaction of amines with phosphoimidazolide-activated nucleosides.
Aliphatic amines react with phosphoimidazolide-activated derivatives of guanosine and cytidine (ImpN) by replacing the imidazole group. The kinetics of reaction of guanosineExpand
Unique Catalysis and Regioselectivity Observed in the Poly(C)-Directed RNA Dimer Formation from 2-MeImpG: Kinetic Analysis as a Function of Monomer and Polymer Concentration.
Polycytidylate, poly(C), serves as a scaffold or template to direct and catalyze the synthesis of long oligoguanylates from guanosine 5'-phosphate 2-methylimidazolide, 2-MeImpG. In the absence ofExpand
Affinity of guanosine derivatives for polycytidylate revisited
Evidence is presented for complexation of guanosine 5′-monophosphate 2-methylimidazolide (2-MeImpG) with polycytidylate (poly(C)) at pH 8.0 and 23°C in the presence of 1.0 M NaCl and 0.2 M MgCl2 inExpand