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The 2014 ALMA Long Baseline Campaign: First Results from High Angular Resolution Observations toward the HL TAU Region
We present Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) observations from the 2014 Long Baseline Campaign in dust continuum and spectral line emission from the HL Tau region. The continuumExpand
A Class I and Class II CH3OH Maser Survey of EGOs from the GLIMPSE Survey
We present the results of a high angular resolution Very Large Array (VLA) Class I 44 GHz and Class II 6.7 GHz CH{sub 3}OH maser survey of a sample of {approx}20 massive young stellar object (MYSO)Expand
Extended Green Objects (EGOs) In The GLIMPSE Survey: A New Sample Of Massive Young Stellar Object Outflow Candidates
Using images from the Spitzer GLIMPSE Legacy survey, we have identified more than 300 extended 4.5 μm sources (abbreviated EGO, Extended Green Object, for the common coding of the [4.5] band as greenExpand
350 Micron Continuum Imaging of the Orion A Molecular Cloud with the Submillimeter High Angular Resolution Camera
We have used the Submillimeter High Angular Resolution Camera (SHARC) bolometer camera at the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory to map the distribution of the broadband 350 ?m continuum emissionExpand
Dusty starburst galaxies in the early Universe as revealed by gravitational lensing
A redshift survey at a wavelength of three millimetres, targeting carbon monoxide line emission from the star-forming molecular gas in the direction of extraordinarily bright millimetre-wave-selected sources, indicating that the fraction of dusty starburst galaxies at high redshifts is greater than previously thought. Expand
Search for co outflows toward a sample of 69 high-mass protostellar candidates. II. Outflow properties
We present a study of molecular outflows toward a sample of 69 luminous IRAS point sources. The sample is associated with dense molecular gas and has far-infrared luminosities ranging from 102 to 105Expand
A Detection of [C II] Line Emission in the z = 4.7 QSO BR 1202–0725
We present ~3'' resolution imaging of the z = 4.7 QSO BR 1202-0725 at 900 μm from the Submillimeter Array. The two submillimeter continuum components are clearly resolved from each other, and theExpand
CO(1-0) in z >/~ 4 Quasar Host Galaxies: No Evidence for Extended Molecular Gas Reservoirs
We present CO(1-0) observations of the high-redshift quasi-stellar objects (QSOs) BR 1202-0725 (z=4.69), PSS J2322+1944 (z=4.12), and APM 08279+5255 (z=3.91) using the NRAO Green Bank Telescope (GBT)Expand
Subarcsecond Submillimeter Imaging of the Ultracompact H II Region G5.89-0.39
We present the first subarcsecond submillimeter images of the enigmatic ultracompact H II region (UCHII) G5.89-0.39. Observed with the SMA, the 875 μm continuum emission exhibits a shell-likeExpand
350 Micron Images of Massive Star Formation Regions
We present 350 μm continuum images of 24 massive star formation regions obtained with the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory equipped with the SHARC focal-plane array. At this wavelength the spatialExpand