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Mutational signature in colorectal cancer caused by genotoxic pks+E. coli
Various species of the intestinal microbiota have been associated with the development of colorectal cancer1,2, but it has not been demonstrated that bacteria have a direct role in the occurrence ofExpand
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Nuclear-mitochondrial DNA segments resemble paternally inherited mitochondrial DNA in humans
Several strands of evidence question the dogma that human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is inherited exclusively down the maternal line, most recently in three families where several individuals harboredExpand
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Aviation Mental Health: Psychological Implications for Air Transportation
Contents: Foreword Aviation mental health: an introduction, Robert Bor and Todd Hubbard Part 1 Psychological Issues of Flight and Cabin Crew: Psychological stress and air travel: an overview ofExpand
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DYNC2H1 hypomorphic or retina-predominant variants cause nonsyndromic retinal degeneration
Determining the role of DYNC2H1 variants in nonsyndromic inherited retinal disease (IRD). Genome and exome sequencing were performed for five unrelated cases of IRD with no identified variant. InExpand
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Author Correction: Nuclear-mitochondrial DNA segments resemble paternally inherited mitochondrial DNA in humans
An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via a link at the top of the paper.
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Mayflies (Ephemeroptera) of the Great Plains. II: Iowa
A total of 15 families, 43 genera, and 106 species of Ephemeroptera are reported from Iowa, including the first state records for six genera and 27 species. The 224 historical records associated withExpand
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Human and mouse essentiality screens as a resource for disease gene discovery
The identification of causal variants in sequencing studies remains a considerable challenge that can be partially addressed by new gene-specific knowledge. Here, we integrate measures of howExpand
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CRM Vectors 2007
CRM leaders and participants in military, academe, government, and the aerospace industry were invited. The symposium was attended by 80 participants from foreign governments, military flightExpand
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