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Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting Using a Modified Priority Definition
Exemplar-based algorithms are a popular technique for image inpainting. They mainly have two important phases: deciding the filling-in order and selecting good exemplars. Traditional exemplar-basedExpand
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A directional global sparse model for single image rain removal
Abstract Rain removal from a single image is an important issue in the fields of outdoor vision. Rain, a kind of bad weather that is often seen, usually causes complex local intensity changes inExpand
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Image restoration using total variation with overlapping group sparsity
Image restoration is one of the most fundamental issues in imaging science. Total variation regularization is widely used in image restoration problems for its capability to preserve edges. In theExpand
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Cauchy Noise Removal by Nonconvex ADMM with Convergence Guarantees
Image restoration is one of the essential tasks in image processing. In order to restore images from blurs and noise while also preserving their edges, one often applies total variation (TV)Expand
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Lanczos-type variants of the COCR method for complex nonsymmetric linear systems
Motivated by the celebrated extending applications of the well-established complex Biconjugate Gradient (CBiCG) method to deal with large three-dimensional electromagnetic scattering problems byExpand
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Truncated l1-2 Models for Sparse Recovery and Rank Minimization
We study a truncated difference of $l_1$ and $l_2$ norms as a nonconvex metric for recovering sparse vectors and low-rank matrices from linear measurements. By discarding large magnitudeExpand
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The BiCOR and CORS Iterative Algorithms for Solving Nonsymmetric Linear Systems
We present two iterative algorithms for solving real nonsymmetric and complex non-Hermitian linear systems of equations and that were developed from variants of the nonsymmetric Lanczos method. InExpand
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Convergence and comparison theorems for double splittings of matrices
  • S. Shen, T. Huang
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Comput. Math. Appl.
  • 1 June 2006
In this paper, some convergence theorems for the double splitting of a monotone matrix or a Hermitian positive definite matrix are presented. Two comparison theorems for two double splittings of aExpand
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A Novel Tensor-Based Video Rain Streaks Removal Approach via Utilizing Discriminatively Intrinsic Priors
Rain streaks removal is an important issue of the outdoor vision system and has been recently investigated extensively. In this paper, we propose a novel tensor based video rain streaks removalExpand
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A non-convex tensor rank approximation for tensor completion
Abstract Low-rankness has been widely exploited for the tensor completion problem. Recent advances have suggested that the tensor nuclear norm often leads to a promising approximation for the tensorExpand
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