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Atypical Subtrochanteric and Diaphyseal Femoral Fractures: Second Report of a Task Force of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research
Bisphosphonates (BPs) and denosumab reduce the risk of spine and nonspine fractures. Atypical femur fractures (AFFs) located in the subtrochanteric region and diaphysis of the femur have beenExpand
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Subtrochanteric insufficiency fractures in patients on alendronate therapy: a caution.
We carried out a retrospective review over ten months of patients who had presented with a low-energy subtrochanteric fracture. We identified 13 women of whom nine were on long-term alendronateExpand
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An emerging pattern of subtrochanteric stress fractures: a long-term complication of alendronate therapy?
BACKGROUND Subtrochanteric insufficiency fractures in post-menopausal patients have not been commonly reported in the literature. A recent increase in the incidence of such fractures occurring inExpand
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Femoral Cortical Stress Lesions in Long-Term Bisphosphonate Therapy: A Herald of Impending Fracture?
Objective: Lateral cortical stress reactions have been documented to precede femoral insufficiency fractures after long-term bisphosphonate therapy. We studied the natural history of femoral stressExpand
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Post-operative outcomes of atypical femoral subtrochanteric fracture in patients on bisphosphonate therapy.
Management of bisphosphonate-associated subtrochanteric fractures remains opinion- or consensus-based. There are limited data regarding the outcomes of this fracture. We retrospectively reviewed 33Expand
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One-year outcome of hip fracture patients admitted to a Singapore hospital: quality of life post-treatment.
INTRODUCTION A prospective and consecutive documentation of hip fracture care was performed. Outcomes, including quality of life, mortality, complication rates, were documented; and mobility,Expand
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Fasciotomy and Surgical Tenotomy for Recalcitrant Lateral Elbow Tendinopathy
Background: The optimal choice for intervention for recalcitrant lateral elbow tendinopathy remains unclear as various treatment modalities have documented comparable results in the literature.Expand
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Automatic Extraction of Femur Contours from Hip X-Ray Images
This paper presents a model-based approach for automatically extracting femur contours from hip x-ray images. Expand
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Stress levels amongst caregivers of patients with osteoporotic hip fractures - a prospective cohort study.
INTRODUCTION We evaluated if there was significant stress in caregivers of elderly patients with osteoporotic hip fractures and determine any contributory factors. MATERIALS AND METHODS AExpand
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Incidence and radiological characteristics of fabellae in an Asian population.
INTRODUCTION The fabella, a sesamoid bone sometimes found in the lateral head of the gastrocnemius muscle, often articulates directly with the lateral femoral condyle. This study aimed to determineExpand
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