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Anti-inflammatory constituents of Sappan Lignum.
We performed an in vitro assay for seven compounds from methanolic extract of Sappan Lignum (CSE) that inhibit the chemical mediators of inflammation using the J774.1 cell line: brazilin (1),Expand
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Time course of the change in optic nerve head circulation after an acute increase in intraocular pressure.
PURPOSE To investigate the time course of changes in optic nerve head (ONH) circulation after an acute increase in intraocular pressure (IOP), by using the laser speckle method, and to evaluate theExpand
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The effect of topical CS-088, an angiotensin AT1 receptor antagonist, on intraocular pressure and aqueous humor dynamics in rabbits
Purpose. To evaluate the ocular hypotensive effect of topical CS-088, an angiotensin AT 1 receptor antagonist, and the effect of CS-088 on aqueous humor dynamics. Methods. The effects of CS-088 onExpand
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Vasorelaxant activity of Sappan Lignum constituents and extracts on rat aorta and mesenteric artery.
We investigated the vasorelaxant activity of the methanolic extracts of Sappan Lignum (CSE) and its constituents, brazilin, sappanchalcone, and protosappanins A-E, on rat aorta and mesenteric artery.Expand
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Involvement of alpha 2-adrenergic receptors in the vagal reflex-induced tracheal constriction.
The effects of clonidine on the vagal reflex-induced tracheal constriction have been investigated in anesthetized, paralyzed, and artificially ventilated mongrel dogs. The cervical trachea wasExpand
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Effects of the R(+)- and S(-)-isomers of beta-adrenoceptor blockers with intrinsic sympathomimetic activity, befunolol and carteolol, on rabbit intraocular pressure.
Effects of the R(+)- and S(-)-isomers of befunolol and carteolol, beta-adrenoceptors with intrinsic sympathomimetic activity, on the rabbit intraocular pressure were tested. The intraocular pressureExpand
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Analysis of the vagal reflex tracheal constriction in the dog.
We devised a preparation for measuring the vagal reflex tracheal constriction following the bronchoconstriction induced by histamine inhaled in the bronchial side in dogs. Properties of the vagalExpand
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Peripheral effects of Morphine and Codeine on the cough reflex.
Peripheral effects of morphine and codeine on the cough reflex were investigated using our in situ upper trachea perfusion preparation which allows for a direct drug administration to the local siteExpand
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Influence of tracheal muscular tone on the initiation of cough reflex.
We devised a canine blood-perfusion preparation which made feasible administration of drugs directly at the local tracheal site. The hypothesis of Salem and Aviado on cough mechanism that a localExpand
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Effects of psychotropics on the periodic fluctuation in EEG synchronized with respiratory rhythms during cough reflex.
It is known that the psychotropics reduce the cough reflex. To clarify the relation between the higher centers and cough reflex, we investigated the psychotropics property of the respiratory periodicExpand
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