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Multiplier-Free Intrachannel Nonlinearity Compensating Algorithm Operating at Symbol Rate
Intrachannel nonlinearity is considered a major distortion in high-capacity transmission systems particular for the case without inline optical chromatic dispersion compensation. In this paper, a
Simple Fiber Model for Determination of XPM Effects
Previous investigations have revealed that the impairments of the cross-phase modulation (XPM) in dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) systems include two aspects: the XPM-induced phase
Spectrally Efficient Quadrature Duobinary Coherent Systems With Symbol-Rate Digital Signal Processing
It is shown that DP-QDB with MLSD well trades off major requirements on advanced modulation formats, and the tolerances to narrowband optical filtering, ADC sampling phase, duobinary-generating filter bandwidth, laser linewidth, and carrier frequency offset are investigated.
Digital clock recovery algorithm for Nyquist signal
A novel algorithm is proposed, which has lower timing jitter, and its tolerance to various distortions is investigated, that fails on Nyquist signal with sinc pulse shape.
Wide-range, Accurate and Simple Digital Frequency Offset Compensator for Optical Coherent Receivers
We present a digital frequency offset compensator for optical coherent QPSK receivers. The compensation accuracy reaches ± 30 MHz while the range covers ± 5 GHz. This would realize coherent receivers
Implementation efficient nonlinear equalizer based on correlated digital backpropagation
This paper proposes a method for implementation complexity of nonlinear equalizer based on digital backpropagation that overcomes this boundary and improves the efficiency by about four times.
OSNR monitoring by deep neural networks trained with asynchronously sampled data
By using 5-layers DNN trained with 400,000 samples, the DNN successfully estimates OSNR in a 16-GBd DP-QPSK system with minimum prior knowledge.
Nonlinear photodetection scheme and its system applications to fiber-optic millimeter-wave wireless down-links
The study on the nonlinear photodetection (NL-PD) scheme, which has proposed and demonstrated as an extremely simple configuration for the optoelectronic millimeter-wave (MM-wave) mixing, and its possible applications to fiber-optic MM-wave wireless down-links.
Optimal 40 Gb/s modulation formats for spectrally efficient long-haul DWDM systems
Three modulation formats are compared by numerical simulation of highly dense (75-GHz-spaced for 40 Gb/s channel), long-haul (600-1800 km) wavelength division multiplexed systems with three fiber
A simple digital skew compensator for coherent receiver
A skew compensator is proposed and experimentally demonstrated for coherent front-end, which improved tolerance from ±3 to ±21ps at 0.2dB Q-penalty even with 21,000ps/nm CD and 90ps DGD on 112Gb/s