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Noncontact Tactile Display Based on Radiation Pressure of Airborne Ultrasound
A tactile display which provides unrestricted tactile feedback in air without any mechanical contact is described, which controls ultrasound and produces a stress field in a 3D space based on a nonlinear phenomenon of ultrasound: Acoustic radiation pressure. Expand
Adding tactile reaction to hologram
A hologram with tactile reactions is presented, which adds the sense of touch to optical images floating in mid-air and has an ability to produce up to 4.8 gf without air flow. Expand
Pixie dust: graphics generated by levitated and animated objects in computational acoustic-potential field
It is believed that it will open a new field of computer graphics if fabricated models can be actuated by APF and make the levitated objects usable in graphic metaphors such as the pixels of raster graphics, moving points of vector graphics, and animation. Expand
Airborne ultrasound tactile display
The authors and colleagues invented an ultrasound-based noncontact tactile display in 2008 and have been developing this technology since then. It is suitable for gesture input systems and aerialExpand
Non-contact tactile sensation synthesized by ultrasound transducers
A new tactile device which produces stress fields in 3D space which provides high-fidelity tactile feedback for interaction with visual objects combined with mid-air and/or 3D stereoscopic displays is described. Expand
Cross-Field Aerial Haptics: Rendering Haptic Feedback in Air with Light and Acoustic Fields
A new method of rendering aerial haptic images that uses femtosecond-laser light fields and ultrasonic acoustic fields that combines multiple fields at the same time to contribute to the exploration of laser haptic displays and expand the expression of aerial haptics displays based on other principles. Expand
Development of aerial-input and aerial-tactile-feedback system
  • T. Hoshi
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • IEEE World Haptics Conference
  • 21 June 2011
A system is proposed which enables users not only to operate computers by moving their hands in mid-air but also to feel touch feedback on their hands through a non-contact tactile display based on a nonlinear phenomenon of ultrasound and the phased array focusing technique. Expand
Three-Dimensional Mid-Air Acoustic Manipulation by Ultrasonic Phased Arrays
This study considered extended acoustic manipulation whereby millimetre-sized particles were levitated and moved three-dimensionally by localised ultrasonic standing waves, which were generated by ultrasonic phased arrays. Expand
Fairy lights in femtoseconds: aerial and volumetric graphics rendered by focused femtosecond laser combined with computational holographic fields
If laser-induced plasma aerial images were made available, many useful applications such as spatial aerial AR, aerial user interfaces, volumetric images could be produced, and this would be a highly effective display for the expression of three-dimensional information. Expand