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Covariant quantization of the superparticle
Abstract The superparticle theory is quantized in a manifestly covariant form. The S -matrix is shown to be equivalent to the non-covariant one obtained by the quantization method developed byExpand
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Integration of impedance control and manipulability regulation for a finger-arm robot
A novel method for having a finger-arm robot complete a constrained task by integrating impedance control with manipulability control of the finger. Expand
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Exact solutions to the Wheeler-DeWitt equation of two dimensional dilaton gravity
The two dimensional dilaton gravity with the cosmological term and with an even number of matter fields minimally coupled to the gravity is considered. The exact solutions to the Wheeler-DeWittExpand
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Method of Grasping Control by Computing Internal and External Impedances for Two Robot Fingers, and Its Application to Admittance Control of a Robot Hand-Arm System
In this paper, the coupling of the internal/external forces occurring in grasping operations using multiple fingers is analysed. Expand
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Generalization of general relativity to the space of closed strings
Abstract A geometrical string field theory is constructed on the space of bosonic closed strings. Einstein gravity is reproduced in a part of the massless sector at the level of the classicalExpand
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Moyal Quantization for Constrained System
We study Moyal quantization for a constrained system. One of the purposes of this work is to give a proper definition of the Wigner-Weyl (WW) correspondence, which connects the Weyl symbols with theExpand
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Quantum Theory of Multi-Local Particle
Towards a manifestly supersymmetric formulation of N = 8 supergravity on a light-cone superspace
Abstract N = 8 supergravity is formulated in the light-cone gauge. An unconstrained superfield defined on a light-cone superspace is constructed from the component formulation. The light-coneExpand
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