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Correlating carotid artery stenosis detected by panoramic radiography with clinically relevant carotid artery stenosis determined by duplex ultrasound.
OBJECTIVE We sought to assess the utility of panoramic radiography as an adjunct screening tool for detecting significant asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis. The specific aim was to correlateExpand
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Trends in geographic disparities in allocation of health care resources in the US.
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to examine current level and historical trends in health resources distribution in the US; to investigate the relationships between both levels and trends of inequalityExpand
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Trends in caries and associated variables among young Israeli adults over 5 decades.
This study was conducted among a representative sample of 7,139 21-year-old Israeli adults, upon release from compulsory military service. Data were collected between 1994 and 1997. The average DMFTExpand
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The prevalence and treatment of dental caries among Israeli permanent force military personnel.
A survey was conducted to determine dental caries prevalence and treatment among 1,095 25- to 44-year-old permanent force Israeli military personnel. Caries experience, by decayed, missing, andExpand
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Healthcare reform implementation: stakeholders and their roles-the Israeli experience.
In early 1995, Israel implemented a healthcare reform. The course of any such reform depends largely on the strengths and interests of different stakeholders in the health system and their rolesExpand
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Periodontal status by CPITN, and associated variables in an Israeli permanent force military population.
AIMS The objectives were to determine periodontal treatment needs using the CPITN index, of Israeli permanent force military personnel. METHODS The study population consisted of 1300 militaryExpand
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[Patient satisfaction, quality indicators and utilization of dental services in Israel].
Lack of dental data induced JDC-Brookdale Institute to undertake a wide scope research in the general population. The present paper is part of this research and its main objective is to pinpointExpand
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[Disparities in the Israeli oral healthcare delivery system].
At the beginning of 1995 Israel implemented a health reform. A new National Health Insurance Law came into effect, mandating compulsory health insurance for all Israeli citizens. However, while theExpand
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Oral health disparities between ranks in a military environment: Israel Defense Force as a model.
UNLABELLED Some studies have demonstrated a relationship between occupational status and position in the workplace to use of dental services and oral health status. Ranks symbolize social status inExpand
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Evolution of a healthcare reform: the Israeli experience
Bismarck introduced compulsory health insurance in 1883 as a state system for labourers, based on progressive dues. In Israel, almost a century has passed since the first attempt to establish healthExpand
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