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Direct interaction of the mitochondrial membrane protein carnitine palmitoyltransferase I with Bcl-2.
To demonstrate interaction between the mitochondrial membrane proteins CPT I and Bcl-2 the yeast two-hybrid system was used. Full-length CPT I was required for binding to Bcl-2. Direct proteinExpand
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Effect of glimepiride and nateglinide on serum insulin and glucose concentration in healthy cats
Glimepiride and nateglinide are two common oral hypoglycemic agents currently being used with humans suffering from Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Neither drug has been tested with cats thus far and it isExpand
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Effects of administration of glucocorticoids and feeding status on plasma leptin concentrations in dogs.
OBJECTIVE To investigate effects of short- and long- term administration of glucocorticoids, feeding status, and serum concentrations of insulin and cortisol on plasma leptin concentrations in dogs.Expand
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Comparison of three commercially available prescription diet regimens on short-term post-prandial serum glucose and insulin concentrations in healthy cats
Dietary therapy is an important treatment component for diabetes mellitus (DM). In this study, the impact of three different commercially available diet regiments (1 general use and 2 aimed forExpand
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Postprandial changes in leptin concentrations of cerebrospinal fluid in dogs during development of obesity.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate postprandial changes in the leptin concentration of CSF in dogs during development of obesity. ANIMALS 4 male Beagles. PROCEDURES Weight gain was induced and assessmentsExpand
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Water balance and fecal moisture content in suckling calves as influenced by free access to dry feed.
Holstein bull calves were used to examine the effect of dry feed on water balance and fecal moisture content during the suckling period. In Experiment 1 (n = 20 calves), free access to concentrateExpand
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antitumor agent and antimetastatic agent containing an inhibitor of ribonuclease as the active component
The invention relates to an antitumor agent and an antimetastatic agent containing a ribonuclease inhibitor as the active component.