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Dual-Band SIW Cavity-Backed Slot Array Using TM020 and TM120 Modes for 5G Applications
In this communication, dual-band and low-profile circular cavity-backed slot array using TM<sub>020</sub> and TM<sub>120</sub> modes is proposed based on the substrate integrated waveguide for theExpand
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Application of Bionics in Antenna Radar Cross Section Reduction
Bionics principle is applied to antenna radar cross section (RCS) reduction in this letter for the first time. To authenticate the method, a novel bionic ultrawideband (UWB) antenna is proposed byExpand
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Radar cross section reduction of wideband antenna with a novel wideband radar absorbing materials
This study introduces a novel method to reduce the radar cross section (RCS) of wideband antennas. A novel wideband radar absorbing material (RAM) with frequency selective surfaces (FSSs) isExpand
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Reconfigurable Linear-to-Linear Polarization Conversion Metasurface Based on PIN Diodes
A reconfigurable linear-to-linear polarization conversion metasurface (Re-PCM) based on positive-intrinsic-negative (PIN) diodes is proposed, which can be reconfigured between the conversion mode andExpand
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Method of reducing antenna RCS using bionics principle
Bionics principle is applied to antenna radar cross section (RCS) reduction in this paper. Based on a printed circular disc monopole antenna, two novel bionic antennas are proposed by use of twoExpand
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Improved time-domain physical optics for transient scattering analysis of electrically large conducting targets
An improved time-domain physical optics model (TDPO) is proposed to determine the transient response of electromagnetic scattering of electrically large conducting targets modelled with triangularExpand
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Broadband CPW-FED slot antenna with circular polarization
A novel broadband circularly polarized slot antenna is presented in this article. The antenna is fed by a step-shaped coplanar waveguide (CPW). A central symmetry slot is etched in the center of theExpand
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Novel ultrawideband monopole antenna with miniaturized size
A novel ultrawideband monopole antenna with miniaturized size is proposed in this letter.The miniaturized antenna is obtained by splitting the symmetrical structure of a reference antenna. A 41.2%Expand
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Monopole Antenna With Quasi-Fractal Slotted Ground Plane for Dual-Band Applications
A quasi-fractal slotted ground plane is applied to a monopole antenna for dual-frequency applications in this letter. A trapezoid patch and a quasi-fractal slot structure are printed on two FR-4Expand
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RCS Reduction and Gain Enhancement for the Circularly Polarized Array by Polarization Conversion Metasurface Coating
High-gain, low-profile circularly polarized (CP) array with low radar cross section (RCS) is proposed based on the ultrawide band (UWB) polarization conversion metasurface (PCM) coating. AExpand
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