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The Oxford Companion to Philosophy
Oxford University Press presents a major new edition of the definitive philosophical reference work for readers at all levels. For ten years the original volume has served as a stimulating
Rights and Capabilities
Punishment: The Supposed Justifications Revisited
Introduction 1 Problem 2 Backward-Looking Theories 3 Grievance-Satisfaction 4 Utilitarian Prevention Theory, Etc. 5. Reform, Rehabilitation, Treatment 6. Determinism 7 Compromise Theories of
Punishment: the supposed justifications
Preface to the new edition 1. Problem 2. Retribution 3. Deterrence 4. Reform 5. Freedom 6. Compromises 7. Liberty and Punishment Postscript: The New Retributivism and Political Philosophy Index.
After the Terror
After The Terror Ted Honderich CHAPTER ONE: GOOD LIVES, BAD LIVES Living Longer Other Great Goods Half-Lives and Under-Fives Necessary Inquiry Less than Half-Lives, and a Reason Reassuring Ourselves
Essays on Freedom of Action.
Introduction 1. Freedom in the early philosophy of J. -P. Sartre Mary Warnock 2. Hampshire on freedom John Watling 3. Towards a reasonable libertarianism David Wiggins 4.Coercion and moral
The time of a conscious sensory experience and mind-brain theories.
  • T. Honderich
  • Psychology, Philosophy
    Journal of theoretical biology
  • 7 September 1984