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Where Robots and Virtual Agents Meet
Traditionally, social interaction research has concentrated on either fully virtually embodied agents (e.g. embodied conversational agents) or fully physically embodied agents (e.g. robots). For someExpand
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MiRA - Mixed Reality Agents
In recent years, an increasing number of Mixed Reality (MR) applications have been developed using agent technology - both for the underlying software and as an interface metaphor. However, noExpand
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Markers of inflammation and weight change in middle-aged adults: results from the prospective MONICA/KORA S3/F3 study.
We investigated associations of markers of inflammation such as albumin, fibrinogen, C-reactive protein (CRP), and white blood cell count (WBCC) with future weight gain and weight loss in middle-agedExpand
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Mixed reality agents as museum guides
This paper details a framework for mixed reality agents, i.e. agents that exist in both the real and virtual space. These agents combine the physical presence of a robot with the adaptability andExpand
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Fusing realities in human-robot social interaction
As robots become more and more embedded in our physical and social environment, their integration into our social interaction space necessitates mechanisms which manage these new social contexts.Expand
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Uses of Virtual Reality for Communication in Financial Services: A Case Study on Comparing Different Telepresence Interfaces: Virtual Reality Compared to Video Conferencing
This paper examines the use of Virtual Reality to conduct meetings online and compares them with an approach using traditional video teleconferencing software. The research was conducted usingExpand
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Using Mixed Reality Agents as Social Interfaces for Robots
Endowing robots with a social interface is often costly and difficult. Virtual characters on the other hand are comparatively cheap and well equipped but suffer from other difficulties, most notablyExpand
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Why, when and how to use augmented reality agents (AuRAs)
Over the last number of years, multiple research projects have begun to create augmented reality (AR) applications that use augmented reality agents, or AuRAs, as their principle interaction andExpand
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Mixing robotic realities
This paper contests that Mixed Reality (MR) offers a potential solution in achieving transferability between Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Human Robot Interaction (HRI). Virtual charactersExpand
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Social Situated Agents in Virtual, Real and Mixed Reality Environments
This paper details a framework for explicit deliberative control of socially and physically situated agents in virtual, real and mixed reality environments. The objective is to blur the traditionalExpand
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