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Fungal Planet description sheets: 469–557
Novel species of fungi described in this study include those from various countries as follows: Australia: Apiognomonia lasiopetali on Lasiopetalum sp., Blastacervulus eucalyptorum on Eucalyptus
Revision of genera in Asterinales
In this study, types or specimens of 41 genera of Asterinaceae are re-examined and re-described and illustrated by micrographs and a phylogenetic tree is included.
Phylogenetic relationships and new records of Asterinaceae (Dothideomycetes) from Panama
A combined SSU and LSU rDNA phylogenetic analysis shows that species of Asterina and its anamorphs form a well supported monophyletic clade within the Dothideomycetes with Venturiaceae as sistergroup.
Ten simple rules for Global North researchers to stop perpetuating helicopter research in the Global South
Helicopter research is a problem that also happens within Global North and within Global South countries, where dominating cultures perpetuate abuse on historically marginalized communities.
Species richness in different groups of microfungi causing disease symptoms on above-ground plant organs is analyzed based on checklists and databases of five tropical regions in the Americas and two
Panama, a hot spot for Hermatomyces (Hermatomycetaceae, Pleosporales) with five new species, and a critical synopsis of the genus
Five new species belonging to Hermatomyces are described based on morphological investigations of specimens collected on rotten twigs and stems of various plants in Panama as well as phylogenetic analyses of sequence data of nuclear ribosomal and protein coding genes (EF1-α, RPB2, β-TUB).
Biodiversity of Asterina species on Neotropical host plants: new species and records from Panama
Two new species of the genus Asterina are described from living leaves collected in provinces Chiriquí and Bocas del Toro in western Panama and a phylogeny inferred from the analysis of LSU rDNA sequences of species of Asterina is presented.
New records of plant parasitic Asterinaceae (Dothideomycetes, Ascomycota) with intercalary appressoria from Central America and Panama
Nomenclatural novelties are introduced, Leprieuria radiata becomes a synonym of H. chrysobalani and Asterina nodulifera is recombined into Asterolibertia nodULifera.
Dendroseptoria mucilaginosa: a new anamorphic fungus with stauroconidia and phylogenetic placement of Dendroseptoria
Coelomycetes with hyaline stauroconidia represent a rare and undersampled group of fungi with often unknown teleomorphs. In the unique savanna-like vegetation at the base of the Barú volcano in