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[The prevalence of orthostatic dysregulation complicated with bronchial asthma].
OD is frequently complicated with adult-onset asthma and one should be careful of the subjective symptoms concerned with OD, however there was significant difference between positive patients and negative patients in tilting test.
A Cross-Sectionally Survey of Essential Hypotention and Associated Subjective Symptoms and Hemodynamics
  • T. Himeno
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • 30 November 1994
Although there were no intergroup differences in supine hemodynamics, the group with symptoms showed a classical hypotonic form of orthostatic dysregulation, corresponding to the?gdysdynamische Syndrome?hof the classification of Deilus, in the tiliting test.
[Investigation of Cryptomeria japonica pollinosis in Izu-Oshima].
5.64% of all inhabitants of Izu-Oshima were estimated to have suspected Cryptomeria japonica pollinosis, and 4.7% concurrently had three or more nasal symptoms and two ocular symptoms.
[Results of a survey of Japanese cedar pollinosis in Hachijyojima].
The presence of a low incidence of Japanese cedar pollinosis in Hachijyojima, an isolated island 290 km from Tokyo, is confirmed.