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Life after sepsis: an international survey of survivors to understand the post-sepsis syndrome.
Survivors overall reveal dissatisfaction with sepsis-related care, suggesting areas for improvement both in-hospital and post-discharge. Expand
Photoinduced isomerization of lycopene and application to tomato cultivation.
The present study aimed to investigate if growth conditions have an impact on the isomeric composition of lycopene in tomatoes. First a model system for photoinduced isomerization was established.Expand
Efficient Analysis of 2-Acetyl-1-pyrroline in Foods Using a Novel Derivatization Strategy and LC-MS/MS.
A novel derivatization method for 2-AP with o-phenylenediamine followed by HPLC-MS/MS analysis of the resulting stable quinoxaline is developed and levels in typical foods like aromatic rice, wheat bread, and popcorn were determined. Expand
Lycopene inhibits the isomerization of β-carotene during quenching of singlet oxygen and free radicals.
Lycopene protected β-carotene against isomerization during reactions with singlet oxygen and radicals, which can explain the pattern of carotenoid isomers analyzed in fruits and vegetables, where lycopene containing samples showed higher (all-E)/(9Z)-β- carotene ratios, and also in in vivo samples such as human blood plasma. Expand
Growing and processing conditions lead to changes in the carotenoid profile of spinach.
Isomerization of β-carotene was strongly suppressed during irradiation in greenhouse-grown model systems and led to significant differences in field-grown spinach, which resulted in a clear differentiation of frozen commercial samples from fresh spinach. Expand
Oxidative Fragmentation of Aspalathin Leads to the Formation of Dihydrocaffeic Acid and the Related Lysine Amide Adduct.
The covalent interaction of phenolic plant compounds with proteins under mild conditions (ambient temperatures and neutral pH) was confirmed for the first time. Expand
Influence of β-Carotene and Lycopene on Oxidation of Ethyl Linoleate in One and Disperse Phased Model Systems.
The induction period (IP) of ethyl linoleate stressed at 60 °C was monitored via the formation of hydroperoxides and β-carotene showed exclusively quenching activity while lycopene was additionally degraded for about 30%. Expand
Outsourcing als Form der Kooperation
Sous-traitance dans le domaine du commerce electronique: etude de questions de droit se posant de maniere differente selon le type de sous-traitance (sous-traitance classique, Business ProcessExpand