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Climate change impacts on crop productivity in Africa and South Asia
Climate change is a serious threat to crop productivity in regions that are already food insecure. We assessed the projected impacts of climate change on the yield of eight major crops in Africa andExpand
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Estimating evapotranspiration from a reed bed using the Bowen ratio energy balance method
An increase in demand for water for agricultural and domestic use, combined with new legislation regarding the water needs of natural habitats, has led to an increased requirement for accurateExpand
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Rainfall trends in the North East Arid Zone of Nigeria 1961–1990
Abstract Daily rainfall records for 1961–1990 for Nguru (12.53°N, 10.28°E, alt. 343 m), Potiskum (11.42°N, 11.02°E, alt. 415 m) and Maiduguri (11.51°N, 13.05°E, alt. 354 m) in Nigeria and Maine SoroaExpand
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Review of the effects of energy crops on hydrology
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A framework for the assessment of ecosystem goods and services; a case study on lowland floodplains in England
The rural space is increasingly valued for the multiple ecosystem services that it can deliver. For example, priorities in many lowland floodplains in England have changed in recent years from aExpand
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Impacts of the summer 2007 floods on agriculture in England
Exceptional rainfall during the summer of 2007 caused widespread flooding in parts of England. While the focus of attention has been correctly placed on the impact on densely populated urban areas,Expand
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Estimating Green Water Footprints in a Temperate Environment
The “green” water footprint (GWF) of a product is often considered less important than the “blue” water footprint (BWF) as “green” water generally has a low, or even negligible, opportunity cost.Expand
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Below-ground relationships of soil texture, roots and hydraulic conductivity in two-phase mosaic vegetation in South-east Spain
Results led to the development of a conceptual model, which describes that the presence of deep larger diameter roots in shrub areas form large open channels at deeper soil depths, facilitatingExpand
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Climate change and water in the UK – past changes and future prospects
Climate change is expected to modify rainfall, temperature and catchment hydrological responses across the world, and adapting to these water-related changes is a pressing challenge. This paperExpand
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Trends in reference evapo-transpiration in the North East Arid Zone of Nigeria, 1961–91
Abstract The North East Arid Zone of Nigeria has experienced a decline in mean annual rainfall over the period 1961–90. This paper seeks to establish whether changes have occurred in the mean valueExpand
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