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Cyclobut-A and cyclobut-G: broad-spectrum antiviral agents with potential utility for the therapy of AIDS.
The synthesis and broad-spectrum antiviral activity of two oxetanocin 11 analogues are reported, capable of controlling the replication of both HIV and herpesviruses.
Further developments in the nonenzymic biogenetic-like steroid synthesis.
Structure-activity studies on phosphonoacetate
Results showed that the antiherpesvirus activity had highly specific structural requirements and neither the carboxylic nor the phosphono groups could be replaced, and some compounds with decreased activity in vitro appeared to have favorable pharmacological properties in vivo.
A novel, picomolar inhibitor of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 protease.
The design, synthesis, and molecular modeling studies of a novel series of azacyclic ureas, which are inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) protease that incorporate different
Synthesis and anti-herpes simplex activity of analogues of phosphonoacetic acid.
The synthesis of monoesters (P and C) of phosphonoacetic acid and three aryl- (alkyl-)phosphinic acid derivatives were evaluated for anti-herpes activity against HSV-induced DNA polymerase and in animals infected with herpes dermatitis.
Preparation of biologically active ristocetin derivatives: replacements of the 1'-amino group.
A series of ristocetin analogues with modifications (OH, C=O, C=NOH, NCOCH3) at the C-1' amino group was synthesized and found to possess antibacterial activity against gram-positive bacteria and to