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Alternating-time temporal logic
The Algorithmic Analysis of Hybrid Systems
We model hybrid systems as finite automata equipped with variables that evolve continuously with time according to dynamical laws. Expand
Alternating-time temporal logic
We introduce a third, more general variety of temporal logic: alternating-time temporal logic offers selective quantification over those paths that are possible outcomes of games, such as the game in which the system and the environment alternate moves. Expand
The theory of hybrid automata
  • T. Henzinger
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings 11th Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic…
  • 1996
We summarize several recent results about hybrid automata. Our goal is to demonstrate that concepts from the theory of discrete concurrent systems can give insights into partly continuous systems,Expand
Interface automata
We use an automata-based language to capture both input assumptions about the order in which the methods of a component are called, and output guarantees about the ordering of the methods. Expand
Lazy abstraction
An algorithm for model checking safety properties using lazy abstraction to integrate and optimize the three phases of the abstract-check-refine loop. Expand
Hybrid Automata: An Algorithmic Approach to the Specification and Verification of Hybrid Systems
We introduce the framework of hybrid automata as a model and specification language for hybrid systems, in which the behavior of variables is governed in each state by a set of differential equations. Expand
HYTECH: a model checker for hybrid systems
A hybrid system is a dynamical system whose behavior exhibits both discrete and continuous change. Expand
The benefits of relaxing punctuality
A temporal language that can constrain the time difference between events only with finite (yet arbitrary) precision and show the resulting logic to be EXPACE-complete. Expand
Real-Time Logics: Complexity and Expressiveness
The theory of the natural numbers with linear order and monadic predicates underlies propositional linear temporal logic. Expand