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Electronic word-of-mouth via consumer-opinion platforms: What motivates consumers to articulate themselves on the Internet?
Through Web-based consumer opinion platforms (e.g., epinions.com), the Internet enables customers to share their opinions on, and experiences with, goods and services with a multitude of otherExpand
Understanding Relationship Marketing Outcomes
The importance of developing and maintaining enduring relationships with customers of service businesses is generally accepted in the marketing literature. A key challenge for researchers is toExpand
The Impact of New Media on Customer Relationships
Recent years have witnessed the rise of new media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Twitter, which enable customers to take a more active role as market players and reach (and beExpand
Customer orientation of service employees: Its impact on customer satisfaction, commitment, and retention
With the performance of service personnel often constituting a major element of a service per se, the customer orientation of service personnel is often regarded as a main determinant of serviceExpand
The impact of customer satisfaction and relationship quality on customer retention: A critical reassessment and model development
Customer satisfaction with a company’s products or services is often seen as the key to a company’s success and long-term competitiveness. In the context of relationship marketing, customerExpand
Electronic Word-of-Mouth: Motives for and Consequences of Reading Customer Articulations on the Internet
This paper derives several motives that explain why customers retrieve other customers' on-line articulations from Web-based consumer opinion platforms and their impact on consumer buying and communication behavior. Expand
Are All Smiles Created Equal? How Emotional Contagion and Emotional Labor Affect Service Relationships:
Abstract In this study, the authors examine the effects of two facets of employee emotions on customers' assessments of service encounters. Drawing on emotional contagion and emotional laborExpand
Customer reactions to emotional labor: the roles of employee acting strategies and customer detection accuracy
In this research, we extend emotional labor theories to the customer domain by developing and testing a theoretical model of the effects of employee emotional labor on customer outcomes. DyadicExpand
Modeling and Managing Student Loyalty
The loyalty of customers is widely accepted as a critical factor in the long-term success of a service firm. In this article, the authors develop a model of student loyalty by combining the growingExpand
German Consumer Decision‐Making Styles
The lack of previous relevant consumer research in Germany, together with the need to test the generalizability of consumer decision-making styles in different countries and with non-student samples,Expand