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Letter of Intent for the LUXE Experiment
This Letter of Intent describes LUXE (Laser Und XFEL Experiment), an experiment that aims to use the high-quality and high-energy electron beam of the European XFEL and a powerful laser. TheExpand
Beam-shape effects in nonlinear Compton and Thomson scattering
We discuss intensity effects in collisions between beams of optical photons from a high-power laser and relativistic electrons. Our main focus is on the modifications of the emission spectra due toExpand
Vacuum refractive indices and helicity flip in strong-field QED
Vacuum birefringence is governed by the amplitude for a photon to flip helicity or polarization state in an external field. Here, we calculate the flip and nonflip amplitudes in arbitrary plane waveExpand
Signatures of high-intensity Compton scattering
We review known and discuss new signatures of high-intensity Compton scattering assuming a scenario where a high-power laser is brought into collision with an electron beam. At high intensities oneExpand
Exploring high-intensity QED at ELI
We give a non-technical overview of QED effects arising in the presence of ultra-strong electromagnetic fields highlighting the new prospects provided by a realisation of the ELI laser facility.
Measuring Vacuum Polarisation with High Power Lasers
When exposed to intense electromagnetic fields, the quantum vacuum is expected to exhibit properties of a polarisable medium akin to a weakly nonlinear dielectric material. Various schemes have beenExpand
Finite size effects in stimulated laser pair production
We consider stimulated pair production employing strong-field QED in a high-intensity laser background. In an infinite plane wave, we show that light-cone quasi-momentum can only be transferred toExpand
Photon polarization in light-by-light scattering: Finite size effects
We derive a simple expression for the photon helicity and polarization-flip probabilities in arbitrary background fields, in the low-energy regime. Taking the background to model a focused laserExpand
Infrared divergences in plane wave backgrounds
We show that the emission of soft photons via nonlinear Compton scattering in a pulsed plane wave (laser field) is in general infrared divergent. We give examples of both soft and soft-collinearExpand