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Carbon input manipulation affects soil respiration and microbial community composition in a subtropical coniferous forest
We determined the effects of aboveground and belowground C inputs on soil CO2 efflux and microbial community composition by phospholipid fatty acids using aboveground litter addition or removal andExpand
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Fresh carbon and nitrogen inputs alter organic carbon mineralization and microbial community in forest deep soil layers
In terrestrial ecosystems, deep soils are a major reservoir of organic carbon (C). Improving knowledge of how deep soil organic carbon (SOC) mineralization responds to fresh C supply and nitrogen (N)Expand
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Response of organic carbon mineralization and microbial community to leaf litter and nutrient additions in subtropical forest soils
Abstract Microorganisms are vital in soil organic carbon (SOC) mineralization. The deposition of atmospheric nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P), as well as leaf-litter addition, may affect SOCExpand
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Responses of labile soil organic carbon and enzyme activity in mineral soils to forest conversion in the subtropics
AimsGlobally, extensive areas of native forest have been almost replaced by plantations to meet the demands for timber, fuel material and other forest products. This study aimed to evaluate theExpand
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Home-field advantage of litter decomposition and nitrogen release in forest ecosystems
Litter decomposition is a major fundamental ecological process that regulates nutrient cycling, thereby affecting net ecosystem carbon (C) storage as well as primary productivity in forestExpand
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Nitrogen Addition Altered the Effect of Belowground C Allocation on Soil Respiration in a Subtropical Forest
The availabilities of carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) in soil play an important role in soil carbon dioxide (CO2) emission. However, the variation in the soil respiration (Rs) and response of microbialExpand
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Litter input decreased the response of soil organic matter decomposition to warming in two subtropical forest soils
Interaction effect of temperature and litter input on SOM decomposition is poor understood, restricting accurate prediction of the dynamics and stocks of soil organic carbon under global warming. ToExpand
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Aboveground and belowground litter have equal contributions to soil CO2 emission: an evidence from a 4-year measurement in a subtropical forest
AimsChanging quantity and quality of plant C input to soils under global change influences soil C cycling in terrestrial ecosystems. However, how soil CO2 emission responds to changes in C inputExpand
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Does the accelerated soil N cycling sustain N demand of Quercus mongolica after decade-long elevated CO2 treatment?
The stimulation of plant growth and biomass accumulation by elevated CO2 may be limited by soil nitrogen (N) availability. However, our understanding of the response of soil N cycling to elevated CO2Expand
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Ten years of elevated CO2 affects soil greenhouse gas fluxes in an open top chamber experiment
BackgroundThe production and consumption of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in soils are largely regulated by biological processes. Increasing atmospheric CO2 may alter these processes, thereby affecting GHGExpand
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